Is it possibile to import a Kindle book?

I donot know how to import a Kindle book. I would love to have this possibility. In Kindle itself I can read and translate and keep wordlists, but I prefer to do this in LingQ.

You can do it but you have to remove the copyright protection (DRM) first. The way I know of is through the use of the program ‘calibre’. Try doing a search for calibre and the calibre addon ‘DeDrm’ and you should find a few guides.

Hi, claudie123!

You have (at least) three options for importing a Kindle e-book into LingQ via the “+” sign on the right side of your user page:

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Thank you very much!
Indeed it looks like too complicated. I imported now an italian book for free. But all the same, to have real nice books, I would need to convert them from Kindle.


I dunno, I’ve lost about three hours on this today. I download calibre and the DeDRM add ons (the one in the video AND the newer version) both resulted in: [SyntaxErrorLinvalid syntax (calibre_plugins.dedrm.init,line 131) ] the error came on the final step both times. After this I tried it again with an older version of Calibre, but it was unable to remove the DRM from the book I purchased.
I found another video and tried the screenshot method after teaching myself macros, but it’s taking forever since Kindle won’t let the macro turn the page. There has got to be a way to get to read books in lingq that doesn’t require a computer science degree.


This won’t help with the book you already bought, but in the future try buying your books in the EPUB format. I think calibre has trouble removing the DRM from kindle books but it’s always worked for me with EPUBs. Just look for ebook websites in whatever language you’re learning. A lot of times these websites will have a better selection than amazon too. And you can always use calibre to convert them to a kindle format later if you want to read them on a kindle.

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Whenever I try to import an ebook, for a few seconds I raise my hand To God and pray for a successful upload and most of the time it works as long as these ebooks you are not getting from Amazon.
I faced the same issues regarding Caliber to work for me. After wasting many hours on this option - I made peace myself and move on to work with other ebooks that could be imported. You will still find something interesting that piques your interest.

Thanks, jjacks, and asad. I guess I didn’t know what I didn’t know; a $9.99 lesson. I’ll avoid Amazon and just buy EPUBs or PDFs next time. That and I’ll start praying during my uploads.

Hi kruskyro, did you try the epubor software as well? I think there’s a free trial period to see if it works. I hate to lead you down another potential path of frustration but thought I’d mention the possibility…Peter mentioned it above…

Sadly, these methods seem to work for some and not for others. It would be great to be able to give folks definitive instructions. Hopefully epub’s will work for you better…but of course, if they have DRM as well, you may still need to go the calibre route?? I’ve not tried something from say barnes and noble or google which would be in epub form but DRM encoded.

Another option is there are scanning services that will take a physical book that you send to them and create an electronic format for you…pdf, epub, etc. I’ve never had to try this route, but I think some people have done this. It’s a bit pricey though. Cost of book + service. Then, if you want the best results, they’ll destroy the book.

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I just realised that Google Play books are relatively easy to get to LingQ. I exported the ACSM file from Google Play and opened it in Adobe Digital Editions. This creates an epub file, but it needs to be converted to another epub (from epub to epub) in Calibre before it imports to LingQ. I think they have a good selection of books in many languages, although they could be easier to find.

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yea, the version of the e-book “le trones de fer” that I bought is .azw and has DRM which won’t allow conversion to an extension that is compatible with lingQ. I’m not sure if an EPUB with DRM can be imported to linq or not. I’ll look into some of your suggestions. I may just take the training wheels off and just read the paperback version. thx, all

Do you actually have a physical kindle device? If so, you might try going to “Manage Kindle Content” on Amazon (might be phrased slightly different). If you have a physical kindle device you probably should have an option to “Download via USB”. It will download it in Mobi format…and may be more amenable to the Calibre conversion. At least it has for me.

Hi Claudie123, Peter’s advice using kindle 1.17 on a PC and converting using calibre is really very little trouble once you figure it out. I highly recommend it and have converted all my kindle books into other DRM free versions (pdf/word/text/epub etc) for my own personal use. You have to turn off the automatic update of the Kindle for PC reader to maintain the version 1.17 and after that it is sweet freedom! There is also software available for converting audible audiobooks you have purchased into MP3’s as another great language learning companion.


for me it downloads in azw3 format. Maybe it depends on the device. If you have an old Kindle, it may not support azw3. Pity I recently deregistered all my old devices. I’ll try the Kindle for Windows version 1.17 recommended above.

This tip actually worked for me. Amazing. I just googled “kindle for pc 1.17 download” and installed it. Many thanks.

After all this testing I realise that I don’t actually need to import that many books to LingQ. Good to know though.


Jan is right, Kindle version 1.17 is the way to go!
For more detailed instructions see:


Hi, kruskyro!

Maybe I’m wrong, but my first guess is that you didn’t use “Kindle for PC” version 1.17, right?
If you didn’t, you should try it again with this version. It´s “really” easy! Here are the detailed instructions:

Have a nice day

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Yes, my kindle is rather old. Good to know though as I was always curious for others with newer devices. It’s that pesky azw3 format that’s the tricky part…but it sounds like the 1.17 version of Kindle is the trick for others having difficulty. (and turning off automatic update of Kindle desktop)

Thanks Peter. I’m getting a new work computer so I might need these instructions to either set up my home pc or new work pc. Although I think I bypass most of the troubles due to being able to download via usb from Amazon for my OLD kindle. At some point they may take that away though so these instructions would be good to have.

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Has anybody tried this process with Macbook? My Macbook ; macOS Big Sur Ver 11.2.3
i downloaded Kindle for Mac 1.17, but it does not comply with macOS and cannot install :_(