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Hello Dear Learners,
I started using LingQ recently for Spanish, and I’ve been looking for interesting content. I feel like the only interesting lesson I found was “Who Is She.” I have been reading here and there, yet I feel like my progress would probably improve when I find some more interesting lessons which are hard to find for beginner level. Note: I tend to like short stories. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. : )


If you like short stories, have a look at this website: there are many short stories. They vary a lot, some are literary works written originally in Spanish, some are translations, some folk stories:

These are shorter ones, selected for Spanish learners:

In general, google “narrativa breve”, “cuentos”, …

I almost forgot: the “Centro Cervantes” webpage offers a few stories divided into levels: inicial, intermedio, avanzado

may be this will help it has audio and translations it has huge selection of stories from children tales to spanish classics

Thanks a lot, I really appreciate your effort, and I am really excited to check the stories out. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot, I took a look on the website, and it seems really exciting. :slight_smile:

Beyond children’s stories there is for example Coffee break, I think they do other languages as well. I might be mistaken but they have gotten rave reviews.

There are some free lessons but I assume that to get the best out of it you need to pay for a premium account. I should mention that I have no personal experience of coffee break.

Just found this as well they seem to be about 2-3 long podcasts with transcripts for free.

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I listened to Coffee Break Spanish ( and also French and some Italian). I like it a lot but I did not pay for a premium account so I did not get transcript though it was good and enough for me also without those transcripts.

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Also beyond stories there is always which is great for beginners to intermediate.

And I compiled a list of content (mostly intermediate) awhile back that may be of use:

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I just read my impoted ebooks in lingq. There is not many interesting staff here.

Thank you so much for asking this great question and sparking these replies with resources for reading at a beginners level.

And I agree! “Who is She” was an interesting reading and listening lesson for beginners.

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I really like The site is actually for listening, but could still be useful for you as Vanessa and Alex talk about all kinds of topics and have transcripts for everything. All of their material can be accessed without signing up and is completely free of charge.


Listening plus transcripts! Thank you I’ve been looking at the site today.

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The beginner stages you kind of have to sludge through boring content. Once you get past it you can start importing interesting stuff and going after authentic content.


I bookmarked the websites. Very useful. Thanks!

Gracias por tu ayuda, ftornay. Quiero escribir Espanol porque he estado estudiando Espanol intensivo durante diez dias y escuchare los podcasts que compartiste y leere los cuentos cortos, ya me gusta los cuentos.

I hope, you understand. Great resources. Thanks again.

Thanks for starting this topic. Like you, I loved “Who is She” and started looking for new stories here. I found the story “La Cabecilla del Parador” and have just finished it. It is an awesome story which is about a civil war in a fictional South American country and the life of a worker and his poor family.

Se entiende muy bien, enhorabuena y suerte con el aprendizaje