Incorrect LingQ information

So I have noticed another error in the reading interface. I think this has been discussed on the forum already, but I can’t find the thread. I have noticed that often, when I select a LingQ in the text, the information that is given in the dashboard is for a different word and I have to refresh the screen to get the correct word. I have worked out how this error can be reproduced.

It starts every time I change the status of a LingQ (i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4). The first LingQ in a lesson that I change the status for is ok, but from that point on, every time I change the status of a LingQ and then look at the LingQ again, the information is for the previous LingQ that I changed the status of. Here is a demonstration.

I start with a freshly opened lesson. At random, I go and change the status of the LingQ for the word учительницей and everything is ok. Then I change the status for the word ведёт. It still looks ok, but if I was to play the Google TTS audio for this LingQ, after changing the status and before clicking on another LingQ, I would get the audio for учительницей instead. I then click on a different LingQ, and then go back to ведёт, and you can see that the information is for учительницей instead. At this point, you can see in the top right of the screen that Jolanda starts sending me Skype messages telling me about her mobile phone, but this is unrelated. I then change the status of the word домашнее and when I go to another LingQ and back to домашнее again, I get the information for ведёт. As I continue to change the statuses of these LingQs, the error propagates forward until the screen is refreshed.

I hope this is helpful.

@ColinJohnstone - Yup, that’s what we found out the other week thanks to a screencast sent via email to LingQ Support. We hope to have this one fixed soon!

Damn! I cannot claim discovery of this one. I better go hunting for a new error somewhere.

Well it didn’t take long. Here is one. It appears that when one removed words from a lesson, the statistics are not updated properly. Check out the following video.

I start with a blank import lesson screen for my Russian account. I paste some text from a German newspaper into the lesson and open it. At that point, you can see that 100% of the words are new. I then go back into the editing of the window bit and remove a large portion of the text and open the lesson again. Notice that in the dashboard, the number of new words at the top changes, but in the little ‘i’ part of the dashboard, the number of new words is taken as the old number and the fraction of new words is now said to be 175%!

@ColinJohnstone - Switch the video over to “Unlisted” and I’ll take a look :wink:


@ColinJohnstone - Good catch! I wonder whether the number in the info tab is cached. If you open this same lesson again is it still showing the old New Words number?