Importing text and annoyance of spacing format changing from original

Hi, I’m creating lessons from a PDF version of a book and every time I copy text into Lingq I need to spend a lot of time deleting blank lines, removing breaks etc. Basically, the format in the PDF is fine but linq seems to introduce line breaks and spacing that is not in the original. This gets annoying after a while. I’ve tried copying the text to Word first but it makes no difference.
Are there any tips to copying text so it appears in the same format as the source you copy from?


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I have the same complain. I has not been able to find a way around.

I use a text editor and search and replace for end of line and replace with a space.

You can use online tools such as Remove Line Breaks Online Tool


Hi Max,
I am sorry about that, but it is more related to PDF, not to LingQ. PDFs are designed to mimic a printed page, and they are designed only as an output format, not an input format.
For example, I am uploading lessons directly from word file, and everything is fine, I am able to upload lesson without any additional formating.
Even if you copy-paste text from PDF to Word, it doesn’t help, since word keep PDF formating.
What you can do is to try to find way to copy text to word without keeping PDF format, that should solve your issue.


Thanks everyone for your comments and advice. I’ll give these a go.