Importing Content to LingQ

Importing content is one of the most powerful functionalities of LingQ. It allows you to learn from the content you love.
In addition to being a vast content library in various languages, LingQ also allows you to import content you find on the web. We strongly encourage all users to experiment with this feature as soon as possible!*

*If you are a beginner in a language, there is limited content for you to import that is viable for your studies. There is usually enough beginner-level content in LingQ for you to familiarize yourself with the language. You may want to go through the LingQ 101 and Mini Stories before you start importing. You decide when it's time for you to import, but we absolutely recommend that intermediate and advanced level learners take advantage of this feature as soon as possible.

You can import any text, such as an article, ebook, interview transcript, song lyrics, and more.
You can also import media such as Youtube videos, Netflix episodes, songs, and podcasts! That's right - it's time to get creative with how you learn languages.

For importing from desktop, install the LingQ Import browser extension:

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Full Import Tutorial

1. Manual Importing and News Feed Imports
2. Using Import Extensions
3. Mobile Importing
4. Importing Articles with the Browser Extension and E-books
Action Step: Download the LingQ Import Browser Extension now so that it's available when you're ready for it!

Chrome | Safari | Firefox

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