Imported lessons are not highlighting new words in blue


As topic suggests… I have imported 2 lessons into Linq and the result is that it comes up with 0 new words. I am still at A1 so this is puzzling. I can go into the lesson and linq the words I dont know manually, but its still a really nice feature to see the new words in blue.

Any idea what could be going on? Ive made a post on the general forum and had some general advice like playing with highlighting settings but the words do not show up in blue.

On further testing it appears that when i open a lesson on the web it does create the blue links, but after I open it in the app and then on the web again, it adds them all to known! Now I have hundreds of words that Linq thinks are known and they are not :frowning:

This can happen for an imported lesson or a regular lesson…

NOw im undoing all my known words and getting minus coins…

For the LingQ Support Team:

Here is a Link to the post referenced by tarkonis:


Thanks for reporting. We will look into that.