Import Netflix Content into LingQ

I’m using firefox and watching Better Caul Saul. When I try to import that message shows up external_image: Enter a valid URL.

Thank you for letting us know. We’ll take a look at this.

It does work on Chrome at the moment if you want to try that while we sort this out.

Safari does import…something. I tried a French series and clicked on French (cc) transcript. But what loaded into Lingq was the transcript in ENGLISH. Is this a Safari problem, or something else? Great idea, though. Hope I can make it work.

(later)…Following up on my previous comment (can’t find it below): yep; if you do it in Chrome it works fine. In Safari it just brought in the English transcript. And it was not possible to add a new course before the import, either.

Unfortunately, Safari does not yet have the capability to import from Netflix although it will import from Youtube and any number of other websites and video sites.

Same here using Firefox.

The Firefox bug has been reported to our technical team.

This is absolutely fantastic! I Just tried it with a Hebrew show on Netflix (Shtisel) and it worked without issues!

Thank you!!!

Obrigado, facilitou bastante

tem previsão para o amazon prime video também?

I can’t make this work on my MacBook Air. I’ve managed to get the extension but it only imports the description of the series, not the subtitles. Is this likely to change anytime soon?

You will have to use Firefox or Chrome on your Macbook. The Safari extension doesn’t yet import from Netflix.

We have no plans to add Amazon Prime but, if there is enough demand, we can look into it. Do they offer movies in many different languages?

ok thank you

Thank you!

If you update Firefox to the latest version, it should work. Here’s a link explaining how to do so. Update Firefox to the latest release | Firefox Help

Milena, I don’t know about doing your specific import, but has a channel on youtube and the import works great on the short videos from that in my experience.

DW Deutsch - YouTube

I do find it may be best to edi the lesson afterwords though, if you like single sentence mode…You may want to edit out the breaks where it moves one part of a sentence onto the next page–(show sentence splits, then delete the markers in the middle of some sentences).

Lots of great content.

Yes I know I figured that out, I successfully imported some over phone, does import from youtube has length limit or is it because of android import function i am only able to import short videos but cant import whole nicos weg movie (maybe would work on a laptop but i dont have one now cause I’m on holiday) thanks

Length of the video shouldn’t matter. If you are having problem with a specific video, send us the url so we can take a look into it. It would be good if you could also try it on the computer to make sure it is an Android problem versus an overall importing problem.

Deutsch lernen (A1): Ganzer Film auf Deutsch - "Nicos Weg" | Deutsch lernen mit Videos | Untertitel - YouTube here if someone can test it on a pc

For some reason it’s not allowing me to reply to your last post Milena so sorry if this is in the incorrect order… I know I can import the individual lessons for Nicos Weg. I did try the full movie import and got the failure on PC.

The error says “Error: duration: Ensure this value is less than or equal to 5400.” so there does appear to be some sort of limitation for importing from youtube, or at least on this particular video.