Import ebook files

Those of you who import books and pdf’s will be very happy to know that we pushed an update today enabling you to import just by uploading a variety of filetypes - epub, txt, pdf, docx and mobi. Just select a file from your computer or drag and drop it onto the upload window and LingQ will take care of the rest!

The file will be split into 2000 word parts and grouped into a course for you. No need to convert to a text file and then copy and paste into the Import page. Just hover on the Plus button in the top right corner of the site and choose the Import Ebook option and follow the instructions. There is also an Import Ebook button on the Import Lesson page.

Of course, depending on the document you are uploading, you may have to make sure all digital protection has been removed from your file before trying to upload it.

Just one more step in simplifying the importing process and making it easier to import and learn from the content you are interested in! We hope you like the new file importing feature! Let us know in the comments.


Thank you, can’t wait to try this.

It is a great addition, but I am afraid I now cannot import a regular lesson since the Image will not load properly. The little dotted lines never show and so it won’t let me “finish” the image import. Without an image import, I cannot import at all.

Sorry about that. Looks like something we did has broken the image cropper. We will get that fixed as soon as we can. You don’t need an image in order to import so you can import without the image for now and then add it in once we have that fixed.

Thanks Mark, I tried it out, it works

This is a huge improvement! You make me happy! Thanks!

This is great thank you. Just imported the first Harry Potter book (how many of us must have versions of Harry Potter on LingQ!) and it was very easy.
As per other comment, the image cropper is broken. Hope that get fixed soon as I do find the image for each lesson important for some reason. It’s all psychological I guess.
By the way, there’s a grammatical error on the image cropper information (it’s instead of its).
Cheers, Max

That’s great news, thank you :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

@ shakespeareanbard, redstrat - The cropper should be working again now. Sorry about that.

I did a test of this, with an e-pub file but it only imported one lesson’s worth of text. Also, is there a way to have the software interpret each “Return” as “Return, Return?” Currently, the text gets very blocky with little in the way of paragraph separation.

Overall this is a great improvement though with some awesome potential! Thanks!

That’s strange. We would have to get the epub file from you in order to figure out what happened. Initially, it opens one lesson and opens it but then continues adding the other parts in the background so that if you go back and open the course later, all parts are there. Have you confirmed that the other parts didn’t get imported later in the background? If so, please send the file to Support so we can try to import it and see what is going on.

Regarding the formatting, I think it should try and preserve it as much as possible. We will take a look.

Excited about this too. Look forward to trying it out soon once I finish reading my current book!

Mark, it doesn’t seem to be working properly for me. I tried to important two books (actually the same book with two different files, one is simply .txt and the other is .pdf). Both times, only five lessons were generated when there should be about 70.

I’ve imported two books and the complete book in each was imported. I did convert the original PDF to a ePub version using Calibre first. I’ve not tried a straight PDF import yet.
Also, the image cropper tool is now working again, thank you. There is still that grammatical error though: “You can move highlighted area and change it’s size with the mouse”. The “it’s” should be “its”.

While you’re there, it should be ‘move the highlighted area’.

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That does seem strange. Are you sure those other lessons didn’t load after the fact? If not, please forward your file to support so we can try it ourselves and figure out what is happening there.

Thanks. Actually, that line of text serves no real purpose. We’ll just remove it.

Thanks for responding, now I think the problem is that the source text is incomplete. So carry on :slight_smile:

What?? I gotta try this!

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Well, this could be awesome. …Though I guess now I’ll never know the ebook-calibre-text conversion routine. :slight_smile: