iLingQ app update

So I downloaded the update of the app this morning and have not been able to download any lessons for both German and Russian. Has anybody else had this problem?

Yep, since the update it doesn’t load on either my iPad or iPhone. Which is a shame because I just had a week off and was keen to get back into it.

Lessons do not load on my iphone 4

Anyway, other than that, the update looks exciting!

Sorry folks! Not sure what happened here. It was testing fine and looks great on the iPad. We will figure out what is happening as soon as possible.

Cool thanks. I can’t wait to test out the changes for the iPad. Is it just that the sizes have been fiddled so that it fits the iPad well? This is all I really need.

@all - We are looking into the issues with the newest version of the iOS app. It is proving to be a difficult issue to track down, as there were (and still are) no issues on our testing platforms and we are as of yet unsure why the issue only appears when the app is pushed to the App Store.

In the meantime, it may be possible for some users to revert to the older version of the app. More information can be found here:

Thanks for the effort. I don’t want to make things worse, but here we go. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app on my iPad, and am now unable to log in because every time I press on the password box to enter the password, the app crashes. I have tried reinstalling the app again, but the problem persists. I do not have this problem on the iPhone.

@ColinJohnstone - This may be related to the other issue. We will focus on fixing that first as it is affecting everyone, then we can see if the other issue persists.

Seems like a reasonable plan of attack.

To return to the previous version on the Iphone (Windows7) from your backup.

  1. Manually Delete LingQ on the Iphone (hold on icon 3 seconds, click on X to delete).

  2. Connect to Itunes, look for LingQ in the program app window, click on the box on the right to re-install.

  3. synch

I am in the same situation in iphone 4s.
If I uninstall and reinstall iphone App , playlists that I made in iphone App will be deleted?
I don’t want to lose my playlists.

Do you have any method to avoid that?

@tapioca1984 - If you want to keep your playlists then you will need to wait for the next update to be released. We are actively working on this and will submit an updated version as soon as we have addressed these issues.


Thank you.
I will wait for the next update.

@tapioca - Keep in mind that the playlist functionality is all working properly in the latest version. You can continue studying your lessons using playlists. It is only the lessons list page that isn’t working.

Thank you for your information.
But, unfortunately, now I can only see the playlists .
I delete iphone cash yesterday.
Because , I thought lesson page isn’t work cause of too many cash in my iphone.

All lesson became 0% and I can’t play the lesson.

Untill next update, I will study in browser or PC.


We have identified the issue with the new iPhone version and submitted for expedited approval on the iTunes App Store. Hopefully, this can be approved quickly so we can all get back to using it normally. Sorry for the trouble!

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Look forward to the update that’ll fix the issue…I’ve missed doing my flashcards on the train to and from work! :slight_smile:

…and well done on fixing the issue so quickly!

@ Mark and Alex - Regarding the other problem I mentioned earlier in this thread, I reinstalled the app again and this problem has disappeared. I don’t know why the problem went away, I don’t particularly care to know why, and I am sure I never will know why.

Oh oh oh oh, I noticed something. Follow these steps

  1. Open the app. It should already be logged in.
  2. Log out, but do not change the orientation of the iPad. Notice that the side thingy that should be giving the list of lessons is still there when it clearly should not be. (Changing the orientation of the iPad gets rid of this thing.)
  3. While it is still there, try to enter the password. WHAPPO!!! The app crashed!

The app crashes whenever that thing on the right is there when it should not be and I try to enter a password. This is what caused the problem that I reported before.