If you could live in any country where and why?

I understand this is very random but this does have a connection with languages as any country you would choose they would have their own native language so my question is if you could live anywhere in the world, where and why and what languages or languages would that country speak!

Look forward to your replies :slight_smile:

I would like to live in Spain as it is my favourite country for holidays and I also like to speak Spanish. Another choice would be Greece.

I would move to Turin. It looks like a beautiful city (I am planing a trip to Turin in October). From what I have heard northern Italy has a lot in common with Germanic countries in terms of mentality and culture witch fascinates me. I like Italian food and traveling by train. Given that Turin is in northern Italy so it is close to south of France and the Germanic countries it is ideal for traveling (at least considering by ideal destinations). Of course living in Turin I would have to speak a lot of Italian. If I had the opportunity to travel a lot (assuming I travel a lot to Germany) I would also speak quite a lot of German.

Perhaps a more realistic choice would be Vienna or Salzburg. I like that you get snow in the winter (even if I don’t like extreme weather conditions except for heavy rain). I have studied German seriously for about 1 1/2 year and I am starting to fall in love with it. Again I assume that it is easy and convenient to travel by train in Austria and neighboring countries. Food seems pretty good to me as well as the overall ambiance.

I’m very satisfied with my conditions here in The Netherlands.

On the other hand, a second home in Spain or Poland would be amazing haha.

New Zealand. There is no unemployment problem in New Zealand. I guess, I could find a good job. Security. It’s hard to live “with terror”. I will never get used to this situation. A secular country. Nature. Ocean. Awesome people. :slight_smile:
Canada and Finland would be my other choices.

Any country where I will able to afford Health Care. I’m sitting on pins and needles wondering if the billionaire class is going to win their war over congress to repeal our healthcare which would mean me losing my healthcare.

So any country where I don’t have to worry about that would be awesome. Donors tell GOP they'll withhold cash until action is taken on health care, taxes

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Yeah america’s healthcare sucks one of the reasons I would never want to live there.

America - because I love my family, guns, and wide open spaces. And it because “it is what it is.”
Second choice - Canada, because it’s just like America and close.
Third choice - Australia, because it’s like Canada and Australia, but farther away.
Fourth - New Zealand (same reason) / England - it’s most like the above, but has a lot of dangerous Third World immigrants these days.

Languagewise - Spain. Maybe Panama.
Maybe French speaking part of Canada or France

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“Awesome people.” Not my experience, but there you go ; ). Sorry, but I couldn’t help myself.
You’re right in saying that there is no massive underemployment in NZ, but living there is expensive and wages aren’t that high. Life there is peaceful (low crime rates, political stability, High GDP per capita etc.) but not very dynamic IMO. A very nice place to holiday, but not the sort of place that you would want to be if you are a young go-getter or a fan of big city living.
I’d personally like to live in Trumpland or Southern Europe. But really, any other country where I can see a building that is more than 200 years old would do.

Wrong. Healthcare in America is tops. The issue of the day is whether you are responsible for yourself or whether and how it’s the state’s duty to provide (and ultimately ration) access to it. Peripheral to that is the degree to which the liability litigation landscape is responsible for the expense. (I’d be happy to see this discussion moved to a separate thread where I can easily ignore it, but don’t expect that in this lifetime.)

Wages aren’t that high ? My sister’s boyfriend is a bog standard, run of the mill, self employed carpenter and he earns $800 a day, which is standard.

France. Then Canada. Then Italy. Then Norway. Then Poland. Then Russia. Then nowhere.

Ireland: Beautiful and uncrowded; source of much of my own culture but still foreign enough to be interesting; my English suffices but an interesting native language; moderate weather.

Russia: I’ve put a lot of effort into the language and much to love about the culture and people, though I’m not too crazy about the government. The scale and variety of the landscapes are alluring.

Ukraine: A more friendly-to-the-West version of Russia, and I seem to find their pronunciation of Russian easier to understand (except for that crazy “Г”). They probably have problems I’m not aware of, and ignorance is bliss.

Nevertheless, I’m more than happy where I am. I would not want to leave the US, my home state, my hometown, nor even my neighborhood.

It’s a complaint that I frequently hear from NZer’s myself (I have met a lot of them) or at least vis a vis Australia. You’d be looking at $1000-1500 a week for a similar role here. Prices are generally higher over there as well (compared to Aus at least, which is already horrendously overpriced) as it is so isolated. You might say that this is just hearsay, but Google NZ and low wages, read some of the links and you will sort of get the drift of what I am saying.

I defs stand by my statement about Dynamicism though. It’s a physically isolated country of roughly the same size as the UK, but with only 4.5 million people. If you want to make it bigly, I suggest heading elsewhere.

Whoops, misread day as week. Apologies. Yeah, that is high wage. You’d earn about the same on minesites here but that is about it.

“…Nevertheless, I’m more than happy where I am. I would not want to leave the US, my home state, my hometown, nor even my neighborhood…”

I totally relate to this :slight_smile:

@Niek1337: “…I’m very satisfied with my conditions here in The Netherlands…”

In my younger days I was in Southern Germany for a time.

Now, if I absolutely had to go back to live on the mainland of Europe, I reckon I might well prefer The Netherlands - it’s basically the coolest option. (And still quite close to the UK of course.)

Go Amsterdam! :smiley:

“Life there is peaceful”

This is what I am looking for in my life. A quite, peaceful, small town with nice people. I am living in a big overpopulated city and don’t like it. :slight_smile:

“(compared to Aus at least, which is already horrendously overpriced)”

Then I am heading Australia. I’ve already applied a master programme in Australia but I guess I am rejected. :slight_smile:

Yeah I replied to your post only because you actually seemed interested in moving to NZ. Pm me if you have any more questions.

I can’t believe that dutchland came up this early in this thread.

Being serious, I would say Germany.

So many wonderful cities, and pretty much all the awesome stuff Europe has to offer in one dense country. Beautiful historic villages, the excitement of Berlin, the black forest, the romantic Rheine, Munich, endless places to visit. I love snowboarding, so being close to the alps is great as alpine ski proximity is a must for me.

not to mention their healthcare, public transport, central European location, beer, great education… And the people, once you get to know them, are actually really awesome. I just love Germany.

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