If you could live in any country where and why?

“…not to mention their healthcare…”

Yeah, it is pretty good (but very far from NHS-style public funding though!)

“…public transport, central European location, beer…”

Yeah, but I’m going to be heretical here, and say: the beer is just as good in The Czech Republic, Denmark and The Netherlands!

“…great education…”

‘Jein’ :slight_smile:

I would say their education system is like the so-called ‘curate’s egg’ - very good in parts. Curate's egg - Wikipedia

“…And the people, once you get to know them, are actually really awesome. I just love Germany…”

Well, y’know, I can feel the love too, man :stuck_out_tongue:

Czech was another on my list… but I haven’t yet been there.
I think the sum of it’s parts is what I like about Germany. Scandinavia is nice, and I guess Dutchland is too, but I’ve always just liked it there.

Funnily enough, I was actually thinking nostalgically of Germany yesterday afternoon - for the first time in a while.

I (re)read the epic multilayered opening to ‘Schwarzer Schwan’ by Horst Eckert in a dentist’s waiting room between injections and violent assault by a maniac with (what looked like) carpenter’s tools.


If there is one thing I’m not in love with about Germany, it’s their endless love for bureaucratic paper work. Going to the post office… or even buying a deutsche bahn pass is an exercise in tedium.

It would make perfect sense if it was called “Dutchland” since it’s neighborhood is called “Deutschland”. They missed a great opportunity there, so I’ve treated “Dutchland” as an un-official nickname.

Ok. I see the logic there.

Canada, specifically Vancouver. Ask Steve - about English sometimes over a cup of tea.

At least you weren’t reading: My Dentist’s Murder Trial My Dentist’s Murder Trial | The New Yorker

I’d really prefer to have a port in many places. The one in the US would have to be near Austin, Texas. Chicken mole one day, Dosa the next…

Murder? Wow! :-0

(Mind you, right now I don’t need much convincing that dentists are dangerous folks! In fact, I’d rather forget they even exist…)

Definitely Ukraine. It’s underrated, full of history, and the cost of living is quite cheap. That being said, i don’t think that I could live there.

I’d also pick Germany. There’s been speculation of our unit being deployed to Germany in a few years, but that’s all rumor.

Summer in the US, the other 9 months misc travel in warmer parts of the world.

The United States of America is by far my top choice.

definitely some where in the pacific tahiti,samoa and new zealand is not to far away i would definitely do like moana lol