Icelandic Language

Thanks. It´s good if we all work together to make language learning easier in general. I´ve noticed there is a huge difference in the quality in the lessons on LingQ. I appreciate everyone who takes time to contribute, but some readings have a great amount of background noise and not everyone is as clear in how they read. It´s always good when you have a good reader and little background noise, otherwise, as you say, it can be really bad when you have to turn up the volume.

Great. If you haven’t started recording yet, if you make sure to record a good five seconds of silence at the start of the track, that gives the noise reduction algorithm something to work on. If your recording studio is already dead silent, that won’t be an issue, but if there’s some residual electrical noise, it’s good to be able to digitally cancel it out.

Hi! I am wondering if there is any progress with loading Icelandic courses to LingQ. I am not able to find it at this time.

Takk fyrir.

Icelandic will be added in few months, after we launch update to LingQ 5.0 version.

What Zoran said. The required material is ready and LingQ has it, so once the next version of LingQ comes out, they can add it.

@bbash222 it seems like you are new here, but you can see most of what we have discussed here

and here: