Icelandic Language

That is excellent news.

BTW, I understand the need for a female reader. Hopefully, you can can find someone who will be kind enough to help out.

Thanks again for all your hard work, and I look forward to reading them when you are done.

Any updates on your end? Icelandic would be incredible to have on LingQ. Thanks for your efforts, regardless.

EDIT: Disregard, graskeggur has kindly shown me you responded at the bottom - thanks!

TheOregonian, check the bottom of this thread. Rokkvi just gave an update yesterday. He will be working on it shortly.

Furthermore, thank you for the kind words. I´m thinking the same thing. Icelandic may well have disappeared in a hundred years. It´s good to do something to keep it alive.

Your concern is justified. Since I became interested in Icelandic, I’ve read several articles showing that the future of the language appears to be in real danger.

There seems to be a major imbalance between Iceland’s desire to preserve the language and any real movement forward (perhaps its just a matter of not knowing what to do). Despite establishing Icelandic Language Day and the Institute of Foreign Languages decades ago, current articles show a growing concern that Icelandic may be dying out in the digital age, and that survival of the language depends on those choices made by the Icelandic youth. To make matters worse, the majority of immigrants say they are dissatisfied with the quality of Icelandic instruction.

The real challenge to those of us outside Iceland is that access to sufficient amounts of appropriate level input is severely limited (which is interesting in light of the fact that just a few years ago Iceland ranked second in number of books published per capita). Furthermore, the majority of authentic TV programming is only accessible from within the country (RUV blocks most of it).

It would seem that those charged with preserving the Icelandic language need to strongly reconsider their strategy. Unfortunately, it appears that there are too few people moving in the right direction (i.e., provide large amounts of appropriate level input that is easily accessible).

Your effort will only be the third major work in the right direction (the other two I mentioned above), so you have a right to be proud.

Thanks again for helping to make the language more accessible to a wider audience.

More audiobooks here, too:

Any updates on it?

Yes if you read the whole thread. I am starting again tomorrow.

Yes there are a lot of issues there. It´s too big a topic to do it justice here right this moment but some of the problems are how much easier it is to look up information in English on the internet, how computer games are in English, how many of the old entertainment sites in Icelandic have disappeared and people go to entertainment pages in English instead.

That´s just a few of the problems regarding the approaching “digital death” of the language. Other problems include how hard it is to learn the language and how little patience Icelanders often have for listening to bad Icelandic and switch to English. Then some people who move here, especially Anglophones, are often very entitled in their behaviour, think it´s rude if all the Icelanders don´t just switch to English when they enter the room and so on.

I´ve also seen some expats here, who while working in a store, claim they have experienced “racism” from Icelandic customers because “they refused to speak English”. Sometimes that may actually be because the Icelanders are indeed bigoted and refuse to speak English in order to be mean. But often it could just be some older people who don´t know much English and then moving here and calling them “racists” cause they are bad at English and can´t speak it in a store in their own native country, while that same person yelling “racist” has not been able to learn the language of the country they themselves chose to move to, is not exactly an very open minded an respectful attitude either.

So you can see bad attitudes in both locals and expats here that don´t help the situation.

I have started again. I now have about 15 stories that I still need to go over and an check the corrections from the review and weigh in on (most correct and aesthetic Icelandic vs most like everyday spoken language vs what teaches what is being taught in this lesson the best). I will probably be done sometime next week and then I will send the texts to LingQ. Then there will still be quite a bit of recording and editing to do.

Now I have gone over the reviews/corrections of all but 10 of the mini-stories. I should be done by the end of next week and then I´ll send all the mini-stories to LingQ. I may need well into August to finish the recordings though, cause there are quite a few things coming up that I´m doing in the coming weeks.

Nobody wants to listen to a fake female impersonation like that when they learn languages :smiley:

I’m really looking forward to this, Rokkvi! Getting me excited about Icelandic :slight_smile:

I have now gone over and fixed or rejected all the edits of the mini-stories after my friend proofread them. All I have to do is read through them once again to see whether I catch any silly typos that both her and I could have missed and then I´ll be sending them to LingQ. I still need to read the stories and edit them to have the mp3 files ready as well, but I think LingQ may be able to start with just the texts.


I sent the texts to LingQ just now. I will give an update on when the recordings should be ready.

What sort of recording software are you using? If it is something basic, I may be able to improve the quality by doing some noise removal, dynamic compression, normalisation etc to make the whole experience easier to listen to.

Fantastic. Thanks again for all your hard work.

Rodecaster Pro + Podmic, which should be good enough. I rent a recording studio with a friend of mine. I have not used it much, unfortunately and my friend did most of the setup of all the recording equipment etc. but I should be good.

Fair enough, sounds like you you’ve taken this a lot more seriously than some of the people doing some of the bigger languages :slight_smile:

But if you want to send me a sample when you’re done, I’ll can see if I can improve anything in post-production - I find it can often be useful to do some dynamic processing to make the whole thing loud enough to listen to when, say, driving or on a train.