Icelandic Language

Hey Guys,
Looking forward to Hungarian on Lingq but do you we have any update on the progress of Icelandic? Pleaseee tell me we have some content already? haha… If not I will try to search around to find willing volunteers. Any ideas, Zoran? :slight_smile:


Icelandic has been a dream Language for me. I have been really wanting to learn it. But I only use LingQ to learn Languages. I hope we can get some volunteers to do Icelandic mini stories for us. :slight_smile:

I’ve been slowly turning the lessons from for use in LingQ, but it will be sometime before I have them all, and even then I’m not sure I’ll be able to share them over LingQ (maybe privately?). I’ve used the Teach Yourself Icelandic in the past, and currently Pimsleur and, both are decent. Also, the series Trapped on Netflix is pretty good. Disney has stuff in Icelandic as well. All of that is well and good, but having Icelandic on LingQ would be best. Irish and Icelandic are the two languages I’ve wanted to learn since I was a little kid.

If there is any effort to pool resources to get the ministories done on here, I’d be in.


I’ve messaged a few Icelandic teachers on italki trying to pursauade them to do the mini stories. But I believe the problem was that they didn’t want to do it for free. (Which I don’t blame them)

I thought I remember Zoran, Mark, or maybe the Master himself staying something about them trading LingQ membership for their assistance. Maybe I’m wrong and I just accidentally thought of that myself. Either way, I have no personal interest in Icelandic myself, but I do hope you are successful in your quest.

In one of his last videos on YouTube Steve said that LingQ is looking for people to provide more stories beyond the mini stories and they would be paid but he didn’t want to go into detail.

I am sorry but I don’t have good news about Icelandic. We don’t have any Mini Story translated into this language.
If you know someone willing to help and work on them, in exchange for LingQ Premium, they can contact me on zoran(at)


Thanks, Zoran. I’ll get on to it!


I am learning Icelandic via books since it is not available here on LingQ, however I would LOVE to see it here.

I will start working on putting the mini-stories into LingQ soon. I can not promise to finish the job, but I hope to.


Takk fyrir hjálpina!

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I have started. I´m about 1/3 of the way through the written translations, but when I´m done I´ll still have the spellchecking and reading of the audio ahead of me. It should be done by the end of February the latest.


See above. I´m working on it.


Really hope to see Icelandic on LingQ someday. Hope things are still going well with your mini stories translations.


I have translated them all already, but I need to proofread them a little more, then record them. Recording them went really well and fast when I did some test recordings a while ago, but I may not be able to access the studio for a while because of the Corona virus. I will also need to get a girl/woman to read some of the text, because adjectives in Icelandic change according to the sex of the person/object being described and some mini stories have parts where they are told from the perspective of a girl/woman. It would thus be very misleading if I read them myself.

Hoppas det hjälper kompis :slight_smile:


Falsetto. :slight_smile:


Tack! Stanna frisk!

Rokkvi, I hope all is well.

I am curious as to the status of your work on the Icelandic mini-story project. I am very excited to see Icelandic as one of the language options here at LingQ and can’t wait to start the stories. As you may already be aware, once you are done with the project, it will be the first major modern-day language app to offer Icelandic (there have been requests for years on other apps, but nothing has been done). Lucky for us, LingQ is the best place for it.

For those who are interested in Icelandic but are not aware, there are now two Icelandic short stories books aimed at the A2/B1 level:

Short Stories in Icelandic for Beginners by Olly Richards ( This book is great and exactly the type of resource we need as we work our way through A2/ B1. You can also purchase the audio from Olly’s site ( for 50% if you buy the ebook or paperback, which of course doubles its usefulness.

Árstíðir: Sögur á einföldu máli by Karítas Hrundar Pálsdóttir ( I have purchased it and glanced through the first few stories. So far it looks like another good resource (unfortunately, no audio). It is next on my list.

Menntamálastofnun (Útgefið efni | Menntamálastofnun) is a great resource for ebooks and audio books that are intended for kids in school. However, because they are aimed at kids, the challenge for adults is finding enough “compiling” input for the A1/ A2 stage.

In light of Icelandic’s dubious future, you should be very proud of your work.


I was going to finish the short stories a long time ago but kept getting obsessed with learning more on LingQ myself. I´ll be learning Norwegian today and tomorrow and then I´m done with all my goals for now and will get to work on the stories again.

I´ve translated all of them, had them reviewed and have gone over the reviews of 40 out of the 60 stories. I´ve also read about 8 stories, but have not listened to see if the recordings are good enough.

So I think early next week I should have the text part of the stories done and will be sending them to LingQ. Then I will need to do more recording and editing. I also need a female voice to read some of the stories, since they are told from the perspective of a woman and that actually changes how some words are said and written, so having a man read them would not just be silly, it would be misleading in how you speak.

I think it will all be ready sometime in July.


Update, I finished my Norwegian marathon just now. Will get back to translating in the next days.