I wanna improve my English)

Hey, Everybody) I do love English and I do love Travelling. I would like to improve my speaking skills, it would be better to talk with native speaker)

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i want to improve my English as well.

Hello! I want to improve my poor English. Who can help me?

Who can help you? Every native speaker here, plus a couple of others with a good command of the language.

we can practice here

If anyone would like to practice English, they can add me to Skype. I speak Russian a little bit too :wink:

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hello madkate me too i want to improve my English may be we can practice on skype- improve27

helloo…i want to improve my english.can any one help me out.

hi daise , put ur skype name We will talk each other to improve english, Anyway we are on the same page

Every English learner here what to practice speaking English. I think we should not focus on only practising, but communication. We should English as a tool to share ideas and couture or whatever topics that are meaningful to us. Use English to making a relationship with each other. So, let’s think about topics to take with. or What topics you are interested in.

hello, i just have known this website, i join here because i want to improve my english speaking skill. Add my skype: ngocthuy_nguyen


Hi. I would like to improve my English too. I would like to chat via ICQ. If anyone would like to practice your English, you can find me on ICQ no.354 325 172. I am from the Czech Republic, I’m 25 years old and I am a woman. I look forward to the report every day after 7 p.m. :slight_smile:

at 7 p.m. GMT?
I’d like to perfect skills also.
Skype - anton.konstantinov

i wanto to improve my spanish and know a little english,if any one wants to practice chinese,please add my skype:carloszuo

I want improve my english, and , if you want, we can speak italian for improve your Italian speaking.

my skype: riginale

Hello! I want improve my english too! My skype: leandro.macedo87

Hello guys, I’m Valentina and I wont to improve my english as well. I was been in England last month and I started to learn just talking with english people and living there, but now i wont to continue and I don’t wont to forgive the only things that I learned. My Skipe is valevang85, if you wont add me

hey guys ,i want to improve my english.is there anyone who want to help me.
my skype name is raisahowlader.

one month ago im starting to learn english i cant yet speak in english.i want to speak fluently like native speaker.but i dont know .how shall i reach the goal?when i read the rules then i understand it but speaking i feel shy.because my total life ididnt speak in english with other person.but now i feel i need it.but i don`t know the way.when anyone can help me ,it would be better for me .i hope i will get someone to speak with me.ok,no more today.bye bye.