I wanna improve my English)

hi everybody !!! i want to improve my english so if you are interested we can talk in skype !!my name is zied i am from tunisia !! i like travelling ,i like jazz,blues and classic rock i would like to talk to people from other countries !!! my skype is = zaydoon2050

hi all .im here too for improving my English language so i need your help u can add me on skype my skype name is asemon.biria

Hey All…
I can help any one to learn English …just add me at skype mohamed.abouzeid7
can any one help me to learn Polish ???

HI everyone. I a new member. the reason I join this web the same you. So add friend me and we talk more :slight_smile:
my skype: ainopyou

Glad to meet you^^


              How are you? Welcome to LingQ.

Hi guys i’m learning the english now , i’m looking for someone who can help me with it just to talk and grow up my level, because i have a little level but i’m very interested with this in exchange i can learn you the french and spanish if someone needs , just add me to my skype account lima.style , even if you don’t speak perfectly it doesn’t matter maybe like this we can improve our level and help us ourselves =D

Hello all! I am new to LingQ. If someone wants to improve their language, just add me to skype. My skype ID is josh.bradley,ar God Bless!

I can help with people learning English in exchange for help with my Spanish…

I am a native English speaker who is learning Italian I’d like to practice my Italian in exchange for English my skype id: louisb455 Sono normalmente alle il fine settimana

A presto

same condition. I want to make me good spoken in english. i am new here.

I’m a student in Yemen university in second level ,faculty of Arts, Specialization of English language .I wish to practice my language with anyone until improving my skill in speaking with any person .thanks My skype: abdullah.alsrory1

Hi, Where are you all coming from?

Hello everyone. I tutor English for those interested in conversing with a native speaker. I have a very flexible schedule, so I am sure we’ll be able to work something out.