I am disappointed that Mait quit LingQ

When I studied economics and sociology, I bought textbooks written for American students. Discussing the situations of American economy and society is not “slamming” the country, and I cannot assume any responsibility for what I have not done or said.

She said that she was offended by me on 9/11. What I wanted to say is the same as what Kathleen Parker wrote. I don’t think her opinion is wrong.
" Muslims also died when the World Trade Center towers collapsed. To say that an Islamic center can’t be built near Ground Zero is to say that all Muslims are to blame."

She’ll be back, I’m sure.

I hope so.

Yutaka, you are free to comment as you please. You are never impolite or disrespectful.

I think offensiveness is subjective. I think more people, especially in the western world, need to be offended. Too many important issues are swept under the carpet in fear of offending. I will wont mention some of those issues in fear of being banned. BTW, great site :wink:

Thanks csno1. I believe that short of vulgarity, we should express ourselves freely here, in all languages. It is good practice.

I’m not so sure that Mait quit because of your discussion. She told me a couple of days ago that she was planning on closing her account.

I, too, am sorry to see Mait go. I cannot imagine that she would quit because of something that Yutaka, such a courteous contributor, posted. I have always valued and enjoyed her comments, even the most controversial observations (under whatever name she chose) and I hope to read her here again soon.

@ Jingle: should Mait not return and should you hear from her, please give her my regards. She is a remarkable woman.

We have only communicated through Lingq so I, too, will be waiting for her return.

I agree. I hope Mait will return in the future. She’s a part of our community, isn’t she?

So what happened…?

I was born in Japan, and it is a special county for me, but I don’t think this does not apply to other people who are not related to the country. If I am asked whether I love Japan, I cannot respond with a definite answer. Although I don’t like some features of Japanese society, I love most of the people around me.

Speaking of the U.S, it is a special country not only for American people but also all the people around the world because of the position of the country in the world or the influence of the county on the other countries. The influence can be seen from several viewpoints, for example, a political, military, economic, or cultural point of view. When I am talking about the U.S., I feel it is a special county for us all. I am interested in the political, economic, and social situations of the U.S.

“but I don’t think this does not apply” → “but I don’t think this applies”

“county” —> “country”


I too have had been bothered by your postings on 911 and the topics you pick to question. I tell myself that these questions are popular in world opinion and in America’s unfortunate system of public education. I do find it nauseating, but my desire to learn new languages is stronger. While being very active in the forum, you have always been respectful.

I guess to that in an international forum these questions are bound to come up. It just goes with the territory so to speak.

strike out ‘to that’ and add lots of happy smiles

Language is about communicating and expressing ourselves. This means differences of opinion. Unfortunately there is a tendency in schools in North America to teach that all discussion must achieve some kind of harmonious consensus. I believe that this is wrong. We need to accept that there will be differences of opinions, and that these different opinions will clash, and at times people will use strong language to defend their own positions, and all of that, in my view is just fine and normal. There is no need of course for name calling or swearing, but a vigorous defense of your own views is a good thing.

I welcome ykt031, Mait, aprendo and anyone else who has an opinion to express. I might add that ytk031 is one of the people that I have noticed that has achieved the greatest improvement in his written English (as a non-native speaker) so he is doing something right.

What I am worrying about is parochial nationalism or what is called “religious” intolerance in the economic crisis and hardships that have been influencing the world.
Thank you for your honest comment, Apredo.

I agree with you Steve and I have to admit the political side of the forum is what keeps bringing me back. I love it!