I am disappointed that Mait quit LingQ

Sorry for misspelling your username, Aprendo.

No worries about spelling because I don’t see our exchanges as personal attacks. I see that you are a man of ideas and that is what I like about your posts. I have since become shocked at the single minded message, but I also see, your hard work learning English in a topic that interests you has truly paid off. In the best sense of good humor, I think you have a future working for a foreign intelligence office influencing public opinion through Internet forum postings.


Must have missed the “9/11 incident”. What did he say?

I am just a Japanese citizen and am not smart enough to be an agent, but I suspect some polyglot LingQ members are really agents or double agents. Don’t you think so? Thank you for your comment.

I guess I deserve that too.

re “9/11” ytk031 just brought up a lot of nationalist pride in me that I hadn’t realized I have. It is an emotional time for me here in America and the political season is getting started. There are midterm (between presidential elections) elections coming up in November. I am finding myself very moved toward the Tea Party, which surprises me. Like a lot of American’s the old guard of the Republican party is not really inspiring. What happens in November could be an indicator of the Presidential election in 2012 so it is a very exciting time for politics.

I didn’t realize that ytk031’s questions stem from a very set perspective. Well… it just released my inner Republican. If you knew me you’d know how out of character that would seem to my friends who I’ve grown up with as I am usually the more Independent type.

I just started here at LinqQ. I love the people who are posting and the opportunity to communicate with people from different backgrounds. I apologize if I have offended anyone or squelched anybody from talking politics.

Take a look at this. Notes on Nationalism by George Orwell http://j.mp/9Td8A7
George Orwell thought that “nationalism” is different from patriotism.

What do you dislike so much about the old Republican guard and the current administration that has made you identify with the Tea Party? I am curious because you said you are usually more independent, and the Tea Party is pretty far-right wing. You have any specific reasons, policy wise?

I’m trying to get my thoughts in order and I will post when I can.


I don’t think you have offended anyone, at least not me. I am also interested in hearing your views on the Tea Party movement.

Have you seen my post Achmed the Dead Terrorist http://tiny.cc/1jo2z ?
Maybe you would care to comment on that thread. I think it is funny, though I am afraid to admit it.

Sorry I think you said you are not able to get youtube so the link won’t work for you.

I use a little sleight of hand to deal with internet censorship here in Chine so I should be able to access it.

I’m still lost. What did ytk031 say that made Mait mad?

Also, there isn’t much difference between the Tea Party movement and the “old guard”. There may have been two years ago, but every single day the tea party movement looks more and more like the regular everyday Republican party…


I remember you said you wanted to write a review of the Rational Optimist. How far have you come?

@ friedemann

I got busy. I haven’t had a lot of time to writing I enjoy. :slight_smile: Now that I know I have a reader though, I try to get it up pretty soon. :slight_smile:

I am going read the book myself next week when I am back in Germany but given our discussions on Steve’s blog I’d really be interested in your opinion.


I don’t know if you meant Catholic, but the word parochial is associated with the Catholic Church. John F. Kennedy was the only Catholic President. He had to work hard to gain the trust of the American people because of his religion.

I thank you for the Orwell link. I think you won’t have to worry about “parochial nationalism” here. Since the 60’s I’ve read about/seen/felt a serious decline in any kind of belief in the rightness of America. My feeling is that by expressing patriotism publicly one is seen as a clown, a neo-Nazi or uneducated. I am willing to say that most people who have graduated from the public school system, especially in populous states like California, have serious doubts about the USA.

I know that your country has a lot of wonderful things. We have learned a lot of things by reading books and articles written by American scholars or writers.