I’m a visual learner. Can I add images to my words?

Everyone learns the same way!

Recent studies have shown different learning styles do not exist. Some learn faster than others, but fundamentally all people use all their senses. Images are not something we will be adding since so many words and phrases don't have meaningful images.

In fact, we used to offer this feature but removed it to reduce clutter since few used it. Use the review tools to vary things up or to get a handhold when just starting. Or to focus on specific types of vocabulary that give you trouble or that you want to learn (use tags to filter for these words). We know it's a different approach, but it's more enjoyable and much more effective. You do have to trust us on this initially.

Move onto a new lesson when you understand 70% or so. Keep forging ahead and make lots of LingQs. After a month, you will be amazed at how much more you understand. After 3 months, even more so!
Check out the Getting Started Guide section. The first two articles are the most important to go through because they cover the LingQ methodology and the essential functions of the platform.
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