How to repair streak?

My streak died (at 447, big sad lol) and while i see a button that says repair streak, I do not know what it needs in order to repair it and clicking on it did nothing. It used to be 5000 coins, but what is the system now? Thanks!

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I fixed your streak manually. You still need 5000 coins to fix the streak. Did you click on the repair streak button in the email, or popup on the site?

On the site, on the bar on the right, under the daily coins but above the active challenges. I didn’t click the original popup when I first logged on to the site, but tried to click the smaller repair streak button.

Thanks a lot. I’ll check that.

I have paid twice to repair my streak, despite having completed the right number of links. Just now it’s saying that I only have 14 of my 50 required links. I checked my settings to see if I had accidentally changed it which how can you do that I don’t have any idea how you could do something like that accidentally. But sure enough it still said it was set at 13 daily links required. Can you please make my streak 85 days and not 83 days? Is there also a way to give me anot10,000 in coins that I just had to shell out?

Has anyone else had this problem or is this another “improvement” of version 5.0?

Can you also ensure that I am back to only doing 13 links per day and not 50?

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The Daily goal is now based on Coins earned, no longer LingQs created. To keep your streak alive you need to earn 50 coins per day.


I’m glad that link has decided to include things like listening and reading in addition to just creating links. Learning the links and other activities should count also. However, if I read 500 words, which is more than enough to earn 50 coins and continue my streak, but I don’t complete the “lesson,“ which might be a chapter of a book, I don’t get my streak. Oh well, I guess I’ll just go back to keeping track on my own.

thanks for at least providing the clarification.

Hi Zoran, Could you also fix my streak by manual? I lost my streak 2 days ago . I am so sad. I hope i could have ketp it forward.

Sure thing @Deco_E, done!

hey @zoran could you also fix my streak? idk why but now in lingq v5 i can’t do it. I’ve tried using using email, but i still can’t, probably is some bug in this version.

@PTEnFren Sure, I fixed your streak.

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Hi Zoran
I lost my streak yesterday and didn’t receive an email or saw a pop up. Could you please help me to repair my streak?

Sure @yosoyyo, I fixed your streak.

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Hello there,

I lost my streak yesterday and didn’t receive an email or saw a pop up to repair it. Could you please help me to repair my streak?

Thanks in advance!

@dmcclccam I fixed your Korean streak. Enjoy!

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Thank you very much!

Hi Zoran, Could you also fix my streak manually? Thanks in advance!

I also want to add that I think there is a mistake because I already gained 100 coins for yesterday and I came here to finish up for today but I saw I lost my 69 days streak.

@deryakosnek I fixed your streak. We will investigate what happened there.

Hello Zoran, My streak does not acurately reflect the time and gained coins for each day from time to time. I typically catch these errors and add to my coins as I use LingQ throughout the day. However, I’ve had to repair in the past even when I earn the coins that meet my goal, and my last repair did not work. Can you manually repair my 215 day streak?