How to improve the suggested translations?

I’ll attach a screenshot. I want to change the source where the suggested translation on the right side is sourced from. Because whatever translator is used there is worse than google translate. I know that the word is spelled inocorrectly but that is because it is an AI transcript.
My main problem is the high inaccuracy of these translatoins. They are so bad I have to check them everytime with a dictionary. (Currently the best one is Globse). Doing this for every Blue word of course takes up a lot of time and is quite inefficient. The thing is that google translate is way more often correct then whatever they are currently using. There is a setting in the profile page which I changed to google translate. But it seems like it only affects the sentence mode.

The problem occurs because the current programm cannot differentiate verbs and nouns. A Combine (the harvesting maschine) is a Mähdrescher but to combine means kombinieren/verbinden. This is one example but the suggested translations are in a lot of cases nonsensical. The word beeing spelled incorrectly in the transcript is not the issue here as google translate catches it regardless.

Does anyone have a workaround on how to get better translations without looking every word up in a dictionary and adding it manually (this is what I currently do). The current situation slows me down.

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I answered in this other thread about what those popular meanings are. I guess it is the same answer. There’s nothing we can do about it, unfortunately.
I personally write a lot of them, and do some clean up. But it’s like a drop in the ocean.


Hey LuckieNoob, I’ve run into the same problem with Dutch. I mentioned this in another thread, but I’m creating an extension right now to solve this. With my extension, you can get the contexual definition of a word from Chatgpt by simply clicking “Get Definition”. As you can see in the screenshot of your example sentence, the contextual definition is exactly what you want. I should have this extension out in a week or so. I’ll make a post in the lingq forums when its ready


that looks interesting. I’ll keep an eye on the forums


I also add a lot of them, but it is very time consuming. It may not be a problem for popular language pairs like spanish → english but for ukrainain → german there seems to be not to many users


Popular meanings are created by users. In my experience (Chinese > German, Japanese > German), more than 50% of them contain big mistakes and are unusable in my opinion. There is no quality check. And you can’t flag them as wrong or bad either.


Being able to flag bad translations would be a good feature!


hey just FYI, my chrome extension I mentioned is Live now. You can see it here on the forum: Lingq ChatGPT chrome extension

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