How to export all my vocabulary at once?

I got the export function to work for my vocabulary but now I am having trouble exporting all my vocabulary. When I tick the little ‘select all box’ at the top of the vocab it only selects the vocab from that page - so only in increments of 200 max. Is there any way to select all my vocab at once so I don’t have to do multiple exports?


@Jeremiah49 - The issue that we actually found was that this process was tying up resources and causing the page to time out, so for now we set it so that it only exports the words on the page. We may look at enhancing this in the future.

This means that if someone wants to download all of his or her vocabulary, it has to be done in chunks of 200 (or less), is that correct? That’s somewhat unfortunate, if you’ve got several thousand words to export. Or am I missing an easier way to download/export all of my saved vocabulary? I have ten or so pages of 200 word chunks to export just for level 1 words, for example…

@gregf - That’s correct. We had to change this as the previous export was consuming too many resources. At some point we may rework the export in order to allow the full export file to be generated in the background and downloaded once it is finished processing.

Yes - this is one of the down sides of LingQ - you end up locked into the system, and it is very hard to extract your vocabulary out of the system. I certainly find the “consuming too many resources” claim a little strange - since the number of occasions people will want to download all their vocab is probably very low. Most likely, it is a commercial decision, since it prevents people from moving to competing products once they have built up a substantial body of vocab in LingQ.

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@AnthonyLauder - What was happening is that the page was regularly timing out for some users because the process would take several minutes or more to generate the list. Instead of some users not being able to export at all, our immediate solution was to allow all users to export up to 200 words with each export (200 being the maximum number of words you can view at one time on the Vocabulary page). As you say, many learners are not looking to download their entire LingQs database, and may just want to download a single page (25, 50, etc.). Previously it would generate the full list each time regardless of how many were selected; now it allows more control to just export a single page. As a result, those who are already exporting to Anki, etc. can now just import the words they saved since their last export.

I’m going to bring this up again. I came back to lingq after a long hiatus learning another language (not supported by lingq: Ancient Greek). Having been motivated by Steve’s videos to get serious about my Italian, I started paying for LingQ again and have had a wonderful time using the system.

UNTIL this morning, when I remembered how difficult it was to export my hours of “lingqing” into anki. I’d forgotten that I couldn’t easily export more than 200 words at a time, and now, after 3 months of fairly intensive use, I’m pushing 10,000 lingq’s I’d like to download, process, and study using my own tools.

What do you all think? Wouldn’t you like to be able to download your lingq’s in one batch? I can’t imagine the technical details are that difficult to implement, (SQL dumps being a rather common use of databases). Can I please get my data?

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As much as I love, I would be much happier it I could (at any time) export all my data to a local storage. Nightmare scenario is that LingQ goes down or out of business, and I loose all my data. Also, I can think of several ways I would like to use my data locally.

However, I accept that I have chosen to use LingQ voluntarily and with full knowledge of what I am paying for and getting.

Still, it would be nice to at least have on a wish-list! :slight_smile:


Can we request that admin would send us a dump of study vocabulary? Once a quarter?



Yes, that sounds like a good compromise: if it takes up too many resources to generate these lists all the time, what about allowing users to generate an entire wordlist once every one to three months?

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This is something we’d like to do at some point, but isn’t currently high on the priority list. Unfortunately it’s not quite as simple as upping the number from 200 to unlimited, as our server was regularly timing out when trying to fulfill these export requests. This means that the only real solution to allowing the exporting of all LingQs is to set it up to email you the list once the export is complete - by no means a 10-minute fix :stuck_out_tongue:

At some point we would definitely like to do this, though in the meantime you may be best off just spending an hour or so every 3 months exporting your LingQs - or even just sorting by Creation Date and exporting the newly created ones, if that works for you.

Oh the problems of using Microsoft …


I’ve to bring up this issue again. I understand that exporting all the LingQs at once can cause problems if someone has lots of LingQs. But the export of 200 only is much to low. This way the export is unusable. I exported 200 LingQs and this lasted less than 2 seconds. Downloading 2,000 LingQs should than last about 20 seconds only. This would be a compromise I could live with. But the export of 200 is really user unfriendly and useless too in my mind.

Do you consider improving the user experience?

This one is on our list and is something we’re going to be looking at soon. We’ve been quite focused lately on making improvements and adjustments to the lesson page, as this is one of the most important pages on the site, and as a result we unfortunately haven’t had as much time available to focus on some other pages like the Vocabulary page. However, we haven’t forgotten about it and will do our best to find a place for updates to the export function and the interface on the Vocabulary page.

Thank you, Alex. I’m looking forward to these changes.

4 years later and we still can’t export vocabulary.

“Soon” is a flexible word.

…and Alex has been demoted from administrator to moderator, which as we all know means he is no longer a member of staff.

We can all be moderators, which just means we are willing to fix errors featuring in lessons, a misnomer as it happens.

Is it really still only 200 words at a time after all this time? Maybe this issue was forgotten once Alex left.

There again Jeremiah49, Anthony Lauder and elguero have left too.