How to export all my vocabulary at once?

If we increase the maximum number of words in a page to 1000, that would still be a good improvement.

Is there still no way to export all one’s vocabulary? (I was just about to sign up for premium again with my students, but having all this data locked in is a no go for my students and I.)

Still not, sorry! You can export maximum 200 LingQs at once.

Because they don’t want you to go away from LingQ, it’s a marketing Hook.


This problem was notified about 5 years and 8 months ago and it seems that no progress was made to improve the useability of the tool in terms of exporting known or apprehended vocabulary. For me it is a clear dealbreaker. I am very sorry about that as a lot of work must have been done to make LingQ “work”.

If you try to export at 200 at a time after a while it starts resetting the page back to 1 automatically so you have to right click to get to the page your exporting , once per page, and if you have 10k words then that’s a real problem. The explanation ’ We had to change this as the previous export was consuming too many resources. ’ deserves only one response… I am happy to pay LingQ good money for this service - but they don’t appear to listen to their customers in the slightest.

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I liked LingQ until I discovered the export issue. 6 years without a fix? I think I will cancel my account.

What export issue?

Export / backup being limited to 200 items.

It was possible long ago, but unfortunately what was happening is that the page was regularly timing out for some users because the process would take several minutes or more to generate the list. So we limited it to export per page (25-200 LingQs). Hopefully one day we will be able to allow export of complete list again.

I do understand this specific function is currently limited. But you should offer your clients a way to backup / export their work. It is really a basic feature nowadays. Some companies have their own backup included in the basic price and offer an external backup for a fee. I like very much your product but I will not attempt any serious work without proper backup.

I agree!! I am creating very detailed translations for each vocabulary word, with notes about grammar and usage that I am gathering from various resources. I would very much like to have a way to back that all up in a format that I could then access offline on my own computer. I hope LingQ will seriously consider this, for a reasonable fee if necessary. Thank you!

This is so bad. The idea that we can’t get a large file by email once the export is ready just doesn’t make any sense

I would really appreciate if this could be implemented. I would not even mind paying for this.
Surely, there must be some time during the year (Super Bowl=? Christmas?, summer holidays at night?, etc) where the servers are not too busy…

I also want to do this.
Not that anyone is asking, but I’d recommend LingQ get rid of the SRS function entirely. I prefer to go through my vocab lists offline (no delays), and while LingQ is amazing for audio/text content (i tell many people about it) the SRS isn’t great. Hell, it’s really hard to do multiple things very well.
Any, keep up the good work LingQ staff.

We are working on this. Thanks for reminding us about it. Should be available soon.

This is ready to go now on the Vocabulary page. You will see the Export All and Export All to Anki options in the More Actions dropdown now. Glad we could finally get this done for you guys! It will be sent as an attached file in an email.

Thank you Mark!! :pray:t3: