How to Change to Yearly Subscription?

I went to change my subscription from a monthly to yearly subscription on the Google Play store however I didn’t see an option to do so. It only defaults to monthly payments.

Unfortunately, in the current app version it’s not possible to change the tier while a current subscription is still active. So you will have to cancel your current plan on your Google Play account first, then wait for it to end and your account to drop to the Free level, and you will then be able to upgrade back to any tier you want. All your data and progress will remain saved.

I bought the yearly subscription, then I dropped my google play subscription. My account currently says that my subscription is the yearly dollar amount for the whole year.

@davidwoods Yeah, but you purchased annual on the website, while @CAnders92 is trying to change the tier on his Google subscription.
If that works for you, @CAnders92, you can also purchase an annual plan on the website instead and cancel your monthly subscription on Google Play.

:0 That makes sense now.