How old are young lingQers?

I wonder how old the youngest users at LingQ are.
I’d like to show to my daughter the basic use of LingQ the sooner the better, but I want to avoid doing it too early, so that it can be too difficult for her.
Every suggestions are welcome.
Thank you in advance.


I know of one bright German girl who is 10 (no relation of mine!).

I’m 15, and am using LingQ for my upcoming exams. Oh, how fun they are!

I’m 16 , and gonna be 17 in August.

I think children over 8 or 7 years old can use the LingQ providing with parents helping them and encouraging them .

skyblueteapot’s children are quite young and are using LingQ well.

i’m 13

I’m ten !!!

I’m 19!

I’m 17. How old is your daughter?

I am 29 for the foreseeable future

Wow, it is great to see so many young people studying languages! I mean, it is great for anybody to study languages at any age, don’t get me wrong, but it really makes me happy to see so many upcoming multilingual people here at LingQ;-)

ad James123: I have read some of your posts here at LingQ and when you wrote that you were 15 I could hardly believe it. While I was already “infected” with the language bug at your age, I don’t think I would have been able to express myself as well as you do. Hats off! I thought you were about my age :wink:

watupboy101, Vanessa1 and all the others, way to go!

Since 1989 already, I am 39. That’s when I started Chinese…

@lovelanguages: Really? Thanks, it’s appreciated!

My cousin learns Spanish here and she is 9 :slight_smile:

i’m 19


I feel both so young and old at the same time.

As one of the oldest LingQ users here, I feel both so old and so young. It is impressive how enthusiastic you all are. Imagine all the languages you can still learn. Wow.

I just read some passages by Oscar Wilde, I wonder, why is it in English “How old are you?” and not “How young are you?” . To me, the latter sounds better, objects grow old, humans grow, period.

I’m 21. But I consider myself to be young, nevertheless :wink: