How much time it takes to me get learning a new language using this system?

Hello everyone. I started using this system to go on studying English by myself. I attended English classes for two years, but I stoped and started studying on my own. My English is terrible yet, but since I started studying here I have noticed that I improve a lot. So, I would like to know how much time it takes to me to learn a new language from the scratch and how many languages I can study effectively simultaneously.

Thank you for everyone!

I never ask myself that question. I ask myself how can I most effectively and most enjoyably learn a language. As long as I am enjoying the process I will continue to interact with the language and continue to learn.

One thing you can do to learn more effectively is to create more LingQs and to save them, not delete them. This ensure that you will see them highlighted in our reading and greatly improves retention of new vocabulary.

In any case, one never masters another language, one just keeps on getting better, as long as one enjoys the process. That, at least, is my experience.


That’s indeed a very good and motivating answer to this question.
This answer distinguishes you and your system from so many other people on the internet advertising their “magic systems” (e.g. “Fluent in xxx days or months”).

Please watch also this video of Steve:
Plus there are even many more from Steve to motivate you and to answer your questions:

Enjoy LingQ!