How much time do you spend on LingQ everyday?

For me , to create a lesson , nearly 2 hours; to correct a writing , about half an hour; to write a report for conversation, almost 45 minutes. And if I want to learn another language, it will also take some time to seach for suitable lessons in the Library.

Still, I have many other work to do , to work for my company, to prepare for the postgraduate qualifying examination, and to learn teaching foreigners Chinese.

I think I have a trouble in time management and offen feel busy but done nothing. Could anyone share me your arrangement?

As for me, I spend over an hour to transcribe a conversation while listening to a Skype recording with my iPad. Then I write a report for conversation. However recently I have no idea how to write comments to improve learners’ speaking abilities.

Sometimes, it takes more time to create a lesson, sometimes only a few minutes to record the articles that I already wrote on my blog.
Recently, I don’t have enough time to learn languages.
So it is time to brush up on my Chinese. I have decided to review all the lessons in the textbooks for beginners in order to speak of relatively simple things quite fluently without any problems.

@defeier, I am very sorry for not being able to prepare a lesson. You don’t have to open conversations if you are very busy with works. If I have a chance to talk with you next time, I will try to transcribe a conversation in order to analyze my bad habit. If so, you will correct my transcription instead of a complete conversation report. You just have to write your honest comments.

If you have your blog, it will be a good idea to record articles.

PS. I tried to listen a first conversation with defeier. Unfortunately, the sound quality of this recording was not so good, so it was impossible to transcribe it.

It depends on the day. Most days I will listen to something I have imported into LingQ and worked on on my Lesson page, at least 45 minutes. When I import lessons from Czech radio, this can take me up to 30 minutes, but then I am good for a long while. I may spend 30 minutes LingQing every few days using QuickLingQs, then I have content ready to read on my iPod or iPad. Every few days I have a lesson either where I am teaching English or I am speaking Russian or Czech, let’s say 30 minutes every couple of days. Once in a while I get on and review flash cards on the computer or on my iPod. I will also sometimes read an old item again and save phrases.

And then there is the Forum…so all in all I guess it is well over an hour a day.

But then again, LingQ is your baby…

@defeier - I think I can somewhat relate to your situation. I work 40 hours a week while working on my university degree.

As for how I spend my time on LingQ, I primarily spend it just reading and listening. I do spend time outside of LingQ language learning as well. For example, I write as well as correct writings of others on another site so I know how correcting writing and take up a lot of time. Perhaps it might be best if you do as dillemme suggested and cut back on creating lessons? It sounds like you spend a lot of time working on them and if you just don’t have that time it might be best to spend it on other things such as preparing for that examination. Lack of time is a big reason why I don’t host conversations or correct writings on this site. I might try to do those things in the summer when I have more free time but to do it now would likely cause my grades to suffer.

I’m sure those learning Chinese appreciate your help but if you wear yourself out doing so that isn’t good either. Regardless, good luck!

@dillemme I wrote many articles somewhere else , and it’s very easy for me to write articles in Chinese. However, I want to create lessons myself so that learners can follow my courses step by step from very beginning.

@Steve Over an hour is not a very long time, because I can get at least 4-5 hours’ spare time a day, and it’s not very hard to pick out one hour for LingQ. Compare with you, my effeciency is really bad. I should learn to be more focus.

@cgreen0038 Thanks for your concern. You are so nice! Lack of time is not the main problem for me, actually , I spent much time sitting there thinking what to do next when transfer from work to work, and usually, it’s a long break. Whatever, you really remind me that it’s the point to prepare for my interview these days while waiting for the result of written examination.

@Imyirtseshem Wow, you are professinal on LingQ!

@Imyirtseshem You are quite right! Browsing the internet wastes most of the time! I should try to handle this.

@defeier: “to write a report for conversation, almost 45 minutes”

I suggest you try and cut this time down. Can’t you make notes during the conversation and then just spend a couple of minutes making them readable for the student? Otherwise you will get fed up and stop - and we really need Chinese tutors!

A great way to improve your time management is to set a an alarm clock for each activity. For example, you set 25-30min for yourself to review some vocabulary or to go through a couple of lessons on LingQ. When the time runs out, you move on to something else. You can do the same with your internet surfing time, give yourself, say, 15min to look at whatever you want or need to, then when that time runs out, you do something else that needs to be done.

1 year ago I spent 3 or 4 hours every day reading and listening making some lingq’s, but now I spend meybe 30 minutes to dowload some audio and print the transcript because I don’t like study using my computer.

How much time do you spend on LingQ everyday?

When I was a paying member here, I was reading & LingQing words for about an hour a day or so.

Now I am only in the forum, maybe too often, it’s a nice distraction …

I think I probably spend between 3 and 4 hours a day on LingQ, sometimes those hours are more active than others, but it depends how my day’s going. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to work so that I could spend more time LingQing, but can’t complain, I get a lot more free time than most people do.

30-45 minutes , every other day. I pick up some useful information and langugage resources on the go. So, yeah, lingq forum is pretty handy for me.

  It seems I have  problems with  efficiency too...    Usually 2 hours for theory and 2 hours for practise...

I think that’s not enough to simply save and listen links, memory is not able to mechanically memorize large amounts of information, and must use a mnemonic word learning (be) in this case will be much faster and more efficiently memorize words, you can learn from 100 words per day.
I spend a lot of time learning vocabulary around 3 per day. The grammar for 1:0 daily spend. Although not enough to know the language. They say that you can learn any language, for 7 days. Do you think this is real or not?

I’m rather seldom on LingQ, but I have just discovered that there are some Turkish lesssons as a bèta language available and I’m now interested to get an overview of them. It’s a pity that this comes now after that I decided to stop studying Turkish.


Hexia, I feel as bad at time managing as you do. In the last months, I have become increasingly demotivated and a bit pessimistic about my language learning abilities.
In the past couple of months, I spent much more time creating content and tutoring than studying my languages. Now, I have reduced my content-providing activity but I can’t see any improvement in my learning efficiency…
Help needed!

The brain learns, and cannot help but learn. But the brain learns slowly and on its own schedule.

Remind yourself of this regularly. I do.

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Thanks for all of you ~! I’m busy with an exam these days and seldom here, and this will certainly help me when I’m back~!

Hi I"m from Lithuania. It is never Baltic sea. I want ask , is it possible to speak a minimum of 6 months, according to your system?