How much time do you spend on LingQ everyday?

@vlaatm - In 6 months it is possible to make a huge improvement in your new language. If you meet or exceed the targets set out for you in our system and do the things we suggest you do, you can definitely achieve major improvement. It’s particularly important to meet the LingQs target and reading and listening targets. If your goal is to speak, you should also definitely start scheduling some conversations and submitting writing as you feel comfortable. Good luck!

Two or more hours a day and more at weekends and on holidays. I review past lessons a lot, LingQing phrases, listening and speaking aloud phrases and sentences. Thus I am beginning to have phrases come into my head and can repeat them and use them to make new phrases. I can also make sense of the information in short grammar explanations. This helps me to notice better how the language works when I am reading.
I also use the bookmark let a lot to import online material. I read paper and electronic books also. Sometimes I type out a chapter or so and import into LingQ. I am writing a little about every second day. I have imported free online books and I answer questions in the forum. I would love to correct readers’ writing but have not done so yet.

Yes, Steve, I totally agree that the brain learns by itself, and am now seeing for myself that this is true!!

Thank you very much. I will do my best.

Hi. how much time need allocate one lesson? Thanks.

As Imyirtseshem said in another thread the other day:
"Study daily - at least an hour.

Repeat lessons only until you’re bored of them or you have nothing more to learn (which will come first?). Don’t try to learn every single word before you move on. If you learn 70-80% before you move on, that’s enough. If you’re bored before that, move on anyway. Come back to it later and see if you understand more."

I spend all my spare-time fot the LingQ.

 In the morning I usually  listen and read. In the evening I learn words and phrases.  If I understand text 50 % can em I choose next lesson?      Thanks.

For those who can’t control their time, how about the funny “pomodoro technique” ?