Going back on the audio

With the old player I could go back in the audio and start on each position I would like to. It seems that this possibility now is gone for Internet Explorer. With Firefox I can go back but it seems to work not properly.

No answers?

I am also very unhappy with the new player’s controls. I actually can’t use LingQ now mostly for this reason. Are there people with similar problem?

for my is the same problem

I am not happy with this either. I also use Windows Media Player, but for working through a text slowly I have to switch between windows which is impractical. I hope someone can do something about this player to enable it to allow listening to a short passage repeatedly - as it is you can only stop it or go back to the beginning.

It is completely uncomfortable to work with the new player. I can not see the progress, I can not go back and the time display shows useless information. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. One point more to be gutted about the new LingQ update.


Can you explain the meaning of the word “gutted” here?

For me, I can click on the progress bar on the new player and the audio starts from the point I click to. I see that it sometimes doesn’t work properly but it mostly works for me in all browsers.

It works for me in Firefox but not properly. It is doesn’t work with IE7. I have to start from the beginning. Yesterday I worked on a 18 minutes long podcast. Now I have to listen to the first 10 minutes again or to use an external player. This isn’t comfortable.

I didn’t know about this clicking back, have just tried it in FF and it seems to be working okay. The previous version and way of controlling the audio was much more efficient, though. Now one needs a steady eye and hand to get back to where one wants to be… But in any case, thanks for the clicking tip.

Ahh…IE7. We’ll look into that. Just out of curiousity, why do you continue to use IE7 instead of upgrading to IE8 or using Firefox?

I wait for upgrade on IE8 because I read that some people had problems with the compatibility mode. So I gave MS time to work on the errors :slight_smile:

I read in the instructions for LingQ that is could be used with IE7 :slight_smile: So I’m your tester.

I’m used to work with IE because I have to use it at work. And I figured out that with IE some things work better than with FF. For example I copy the site with the writing corrections always in my word document. With IE the highlighted colors of my corrections stay in Word. With FF the highlighted colors are gone. I don’t know why.

It’s good to have an IE7 tester! :slight_smile:

We will look into that. And we are going to try to add a handle which you can then drag as in the current player. Give us a day or so.

Thank you!

“to be gutted” I mean I am disappointed about a lot of the “new” functions. For example: I can not properly jump back or forward by clicking to a position, it is very time consuming to find the right point. After update on IE8 the time display works properly, but the position problem still exist. Therefore I listen with my IPod while reading. I think this is not the idea behind LingQ.

I do not understand the term “to be gutted about”. Can you say the same thing using other words? To me to gut something is to pull it and throw it away, like the guts of a fish when we clean it. We do not “gut about” though we just gut. So I while I understand that you are unhappy with the new sound bar. I do not understand your sentence.

We say gutted heret in New Zealand, it’s quite colloquial. For example, I’d say “I’m so gutted we didn’t make it to the restaurant on time” as in ‘I’m disappointed/annoyed we didn’t make it…’

Okay, I will keep in mind, that this term is not so usual …

I had never heard of the term.

I would also say that we are interested to hear of specific things that are not working well.

Please try to be specific about areas that are not working properly so that we can try to find ways to deal with them. It is difficult for us to deal with your “general disappointment” :slight_smile: Note that all of our programmers have long lists of things they are working on.

Yeah Steve, not only are you not 19 years old you’re also not a New Zealander. Get with it… Sometime you gut me…

(by the way I never heard the expression either, but yeah… when opportunity knocks to be a smart alec… I will always be there…)