Glossika's account removed by youtube

Mike Campbell’s ‘Glossika’ channel seems to be removed by youtube. What’s madness is that?! His channel was one of my favourite among the polyglot channels. Isn’t the internet supposed to be a medium through which people can freely exchange information? This kind of reminds me of the time when Steve Kaufmann had trouble getting LingQ on Wikipedia, although it’s there now. Anyone else got thoughts on this?

I was absolutely gutted when You-tube took the heavy hand - I was the first person that alerted him to this a week ago.

Mike has posted an open letter on his website re the debacle:

He’s a fantastic guy, and I encourage people to support him, and to buy his products. I myself am using his GMS & GSR for Chinese.

His deleted videos are a terrible loss to us all.


I can’t for the life of me see why Youtube would do this to Mike - what on earth were they thinking of??

(And yeah, I’d also recommend his GSR product - for Russian in my case.)

Youtube’s general policy was one of the reasons why I closed my own channel. I can only guess that Mike’s channel was a thorn in the flesh of a more “important” member of youtube. He only published material for which he held the copyright. Youtube isn’t even fair enough to explicitly state which rules he supposedly did not comply with. He has no way of defending himself.

I guess the Internet needs an alternative to youtube.

ad Jay: I’ve bought quite a few of his GSR and GMS products both for Mandarin and Russian. I look forward to more

P.S. Mike will also attend the polyglot gathering in Berlin and I really look forward to meeting him.


If content which are personal made are deleted than that means that Youtube will disappear pretty soon.
All the work he put in creating all those great videos has gone to waste :frowning: .

This is one messed up world. Who did his videos disturb I wonder ? I bet that there are kinds all videos with nasty,indecent and obscene content but instead of deleting their accounts , they delete ones intended for education ?!? They should delete music or movies that have been uploaded instead of these kinds of useful contents .

I hope that he saved somewhere his videos . This way he could somehow upload them on/in another site and than give the links on his website.

ad MADARA: (…) I hope that he saved somewhere his videos (…)

I think he did. At least I kind of remember having read something along these lines on his site. I’m sure he’ll find a way to present his videos to a wider audience again. He is a clever guy and does not strike me as someone who is “defeated” that easily.

Well that sounds reassuring . Unfortunately this is another sign of how unimportant education is depicted worldwide .
The lack of an attraction towards education is the main reason for why people hate one another . That’s why I believe the most terrible disease of the 21st century isn’t AIDS or other viruses but IGNORANCE .

My take on things from his website letter is that only the product ones are saved on the company computer/s, but none of his personal ones done over the years… He states “…it’s like losing a child and all those memories…”

But you’re right, Robert, he’s one gutsy guy.

Reading the thread earlier on prompted me to show my support by purchasing the Russian material. After the confirmation I received an email with about half-a-page worth of links. Nothing seems to work, though. I can’t click on the links and copying the stuff into another browser produces an elaborate Error Page. To make matters worth it said somewhere ‘check that you can open all the files and make sure you download within 24 hours.’ Do I have to split the links up or paste the whole lot into a browser window?

I have sent a mail to Glossika, but wonder whether anyone of you can help in the meantime?


I guess Mike will probably sort it out for you.

If all else fails, I could maybe figure out a way to send you a copy of my files? (If you paid for them, but didn’t received the goods, it’d be fair game.)

Thanks for the offer! It is very kind. Let’s hope I shan’t have to take you up (I only paid the Sale price).

I am waiting for a reply and hope to be able to soon revive my Russian learning activities with its help.

Well, dear reader, it worked!

Mike came to my aid and all is well. I am very pleased about the material. I might even use it. (And if not, at least it won’t be gathering dust on my book shelves.)

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How is that for customer service?

Mike actually wrote to ask whether I could truly access everything I had paid for (not a lot, by the way, the sale prices are amazingly low for UK buyers).

I am so pleased about it all that I shall start today by reading the introduction!

Wow, that’s quite reassuring to see so many people sharing the same sentiments. I also just recently bought his GMS products for Chinese. I must say I really like it. It’s really something you can start using right away. I knew about Mike’s channel, but I never really delved into it until recently. I’m glad I did so. I really like his sentence mining method. You could do it yourself, but his products save you a lot of headaches. I started using the method right away with Korean, as I’m doing the 90 day challenge. But Mike’s products just give you the perfect source material with audio for a small price. If I just think about the money I spent on (impractical) books that were never put to good use… The time investment however is pretty high, it’s really keeping me away from my Korean, as I can easily spent 2 hours reviewing, recording and following the other directions from the method. I can really say I’m looking forward to see more products by Mike.

I also tried to buy the Chinese GMS but am having trouble with PayPal. I cannot access my PayPal account because I cannot remember my password nor the security questions. I cannot start a new account because I have only one credit card and cannot get another until I return to Australia in June. Has anyone been able to buy Mike’s products without going through PayPal? I did send Mike an email but as yet I have no answer.

I paid by card since I do not have a Paypal account. Once I sussed out that Paypal handle all transactions, even if one does not have an account, it was simple.

I suppose companies find it difficult to deal with individual transactions and that’s why services like Paypal etc are so useful for them.

I shall keep my fingers crossed for you!

Thanks SanneT. But I still have the problem. I cannot see on the payment pages how to pay without using a Paypal account and I still cannot answer the security questions. How did you do it?

About GSM russian. Does somebody know if there also some kind of follow up, level2 russian, like it seems to be with chinese?

@Gingko58 From what I can remember, it took me to the PayPal page although I had ticked that I had no account with PP. Then I had to give some details and the page after that was a normal Credit Card payment page (all within the PayPal set up). Finally I was informed that the payment would be shown as XYZ on my credit card statement. I got a receipt and that was that. Shortly afterwards (well within the 24-hour window the Glossika website talks about) I was sent the links. And tonight I am going to do some work!