Give Points and Roses!

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If you visit someone’s profile page now, you may notice two new buttons beneath their Avatar:

Did you have a great conversation with a tutor and want to say thank you? Did your writing correction report knock your socks off? Are you enjoying a new collection of lessons from the Library?

From today, you can start rewarding fellow LingQ members with roses or points!

To give someone a rose, go to their profile page and click the “Give Rose” button. Then, on the popup that appears, enter a note if you like and click “Confirm”. If you write a message, it will automatically be posted on their wall along with a rose icon.

To give someone points, simply click the “Gift Points” button. In the popup, you can select an amount you would like to give and add an optional note. The note will be included in the notification email, but will not be posted on their wall.

Start giving roses and points today!

I have given away all my chronically unused points to people whose lessons have helped me learn the most… and I feel great!

Great :slight_smile:

This is wonderful! :-)) (((Thanks)))

I like it :slight_smile: But be aware if you “give” someone a rose, he or she will not get any points. If you give 25 points its the same for you and the gifted person will receive the points. I like both functions but you have to know the difference :wink:

Do you plan to include this in the lesson page as well? After studying a lesson it would make sense to make a donation to the provider.

yes, but roses are nicer :slight_smile:

Thank you. How nice to be sent a rose!

Yes, roses are nice. I like both. But members should know the difference.

Hi friends!
don’t send me roses!
If you like to send some flowers please use Skype!
and if you like to send me some points use the gift-point!
I will do it this way!
don’t worry if the others can not see all the flowers.
There are so many invisible roses!

"Man sieht nur mit dem Herzen gut. Das Wesentliche ist für die Augen unsichtbar.“

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry ( Der Kleine Prinz)

I gotta agree with Vera here - I think it should be made much clearer that this rose-thing doesn’t come with any points! :-0

If we want to reward someone for great uploading, I say let’s forget pretend-roses and give 'em all of our unwanted points instead! (That’s what I’ve just done to reward “The Doctor” for all his Czech uploads.)

It seems that one can now avoid point expiration by sending gift points from and to two accounts. If that is now really possible then why not eliminate the whole point expiration rule?

I have just noticed that gifts are included in the activity page and on the member profile page. I remember you said you removed the writing notice (like “mikebond has submitted 100 words for correction”) because it was not useful to other members (but still I don’t understand how it should be more useful to read that TheDoctor has joined a conversation with mikebond…). So, how will reading about all the roses donated by Steve motivate me to learn more Polish? :slight_smile:
Seriously, could those notice not be displayed?
Anyway, I like the idea of giving points (and roses, ok…). I would still prefer to get points. :slight_smile:

I think you should add the option of sending thorns :slight_smile:

To me, being able to give or receive points is an excellent idea.


“Being able to give or receive points is an excellent idea.”!!!

In the future we never lose points!!!

doo for once in your life you had an excellent idea! :stuck_out_tongue:

berta, I know who will receive a thorn from dooo…
But I prefer points.

hape, hate is a kind of love too!, btw I also prefer points.

I think the difference between roses and points is clear enough.

As to where else we can put the rose/points/thorns option, we will have to look at that.

We will see the effect that this has on the points expiration system over the next little while. We will see how this affects compensation to content providers. The points expiration system, in any case, stays since we do not want people hoarding their points. We want people to be active.

We have introduced more flexibility in the way people can connect with tutors. We have introduced the points and roses to allow people to reward members, including tutors and content providers. We feel that this mitigates the complaints from people who felt that they could not use their points because they were unable to find tutors at times that were convenient to them. Now we will see what happens. We will be watching with interest.