German Mini Stories

I’ve heard a lot about those language mini stories, then I started following the ones in German. There seems to be a big gap between the first 10 lessons and the next ones. When I finished mini story 10 and clicked on “continue”, it took me to mini story 31!!! I can’t seem to find where the missing stories are. I’m not sure why that happened, sorry if I’m mistaken. Also, I’ve heard that some languages have up to a number of 60 mini stories… how come there are so few ones in German? Considering that there is a gap of 21 lessons there, from the total of “45”, I guess there are only about 25 mini stories in German. Is that the way it is supposed to be?


Yes, for now we have 25 stories available in German. Should be more soon, I’ll do my best to have all 60 stories up on the site asap.


Okay, thanks a lot for the reply!

I cannot find the mini stories on my lesson feed at all. Could anybody post the link please?

Sure, here it is: Login - LingQ

Yes I hope we can get the rest of the mini stories up soon. :slight_smile:


Is there an updated on the missing German Mini Stories?

Not yet, but they are work in progress. One of our LingQ members is working on it and hopefully we will have them up soon. :slight_smile:

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I’m curious if there is an ETA for the German mini-stories, I find them pretty valuable for listening practice.

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User who is working on German Mini Stories is a volunteer, so I can’t chase him as I do for hired translators :smiley: But the important thing is that his translations and audios are great quality and hopefully we will have missing stories up on the site soon. I’ll make sure to post update on the Mini Stories forum thread once when they are up.


Hi Zoran, Any update on the 35 outstanding mini stories in German?

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Yes! Good news. I will load more German stories today and tomorrow.
All 35 remaining stories should be up before the end of next week.


Great news! Thanks Zoran!

Great news, Zoran! I just checked and we already have 5 new mini-stories. Thanks a lot!

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I’ve listened to the first new one and the audio quality really is awesome–great voice, great quality (extremely clear and professional sounding). I’d love to see him redo the old ones too if he is willing! Many of them have overlapping audio tracks at certain points in the audio which gets incredibly distracting.

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Yes! Audio quality of new stories is great. I will upload rest of stories real soon.
Also, I agree with you, I’ll see if I can get this same guy to re-record the stories which aren’t that good.


Are these mini stories self-contained subjects or is it a long series?

Self-contained subjects.

Thank you for the efforts in completing the German Mini Stories.

I’ve noticed on some of the newly added stories that there are some odd looking compound words. It’s German, so they could be correct for all I know, but I’ve looked some of them up and can’t find any translations. So I think some of them are mistakenly missing a space or two. Reading through now, for example, in story 27 (at the end) I’m sure wolltedortvieleFotosmachen must be at least 2 words, but could be 5. There are quite a few instances of this.

Thanks! I fixed that sentence in the Story 27.

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