Generate Lesson Audio bug

I’m having trouble generating audio for a lesson of mine. Whether I try to “generate” from the browser or from iOS, the resulting audio only ever includes the title and the first line. Curiously, before playing, the file claims to be much longer.


We are looking into that issue and we will have it fixed soon.

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I’m having a similar problem. The audio plays a few lines of text, but then it stops. To get it to start again, I have to skip forward 5 or 10 seconds, exit the lesson, then re-open the lesson. Then it will play for another few lines of text before stopping again.

This only seems to happen if I generate audio for a long lesson that uses up all of the possible text (i.e. goes to the maximum text limit). For example, if I generate a lesson and LimgQ splits it into two or more lessons, in the longer lessons, the audio will have the bug.

The bug doesn’t seem to occur if I create very short lessons.

I’m using the app on a Windows PC with Google Chrome.

I hope this helps the team solve the problem.

This is continuing to happen to me for lessons of around 30 minutes in length. I had imported an Epub that LingQ divided into 5 lessons. I ran the Generate Lesson Audio for each one, and made sure that each one appeared in the Active Playlist. I don’t know what else to do. None of the 5 lessons will play for more than a few seconds

Any suggestions to resolve this? It has happened on other imports as well.

I asked our team to look into this again.

Hi Ted_Gilmore,

Changing the AI voice often seems to help.
See this concurrent thread: Creating lesson audio only makes audio for 2 seconds

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Well, changing the voice in the Settings - App Settings - Reader screen, deleting each of the originally generated audio files, and re-running the Generate Lesson Audio in each of the 5 pieces of the book did work. Hooray! But this is nuts! Can’t LingQ fix this bug???


This has been going on for me for months in various L2s.
TBH, I’m not exactly sure what the issue is because sometimes
generating audio works, sometimes it doesn’t.
It’s a bit idiosyncratic :slight_smile:

Anyway, a fast workaround for me is simply using the AI voices in Edge.

Hi @Ted_Gilmore @PeterBormann !
Currently, the described issue with the lesson audio generation should be fixed in the Web app (but not on mobile ones). If the issue persists for you in the Web app and the recently generated lesson audio does not play as it should - please, provide here a link to such a lesson and I will check it.

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I use Google Chrome and Safari almost exclusively. I don’t know of that is what you mean by Web App. But yes, I will let you know if I have any further issues. Thanks.

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Thanks, Denys_B!

I will provide a link to the lesson in this thread if audio issues occur again.

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