Creating lesson audio only makes audio for 2 seconds

I have a new problem— when I create lesson audio, it says it is around 30 minutes long. However when I press play, it only is about 2-5 seconds long and is only the first few words of the lesson. Not sure what to do.

Hi Miriam,

I had the same problem with various L2s.
What worked for me was changing the speaker.

It seems there are issues with some AI voices, but
not with others.

Hope that helps,


Thank you Peter.

It does help— I made a new audio with a new lesson and it’s normal after changing the default speaker.

However, the audios that I already created with this problem didn’t change to the new speaker and they are still 2 seconds long.

You can go to “edit lesson” and delete the audio file there. If you go back to the lesson, you should be able to “Generate Lesson Audio” anew.


We are investigating the issue.

Exactly, fabbol. That’s the way to go :slight_smile:

Or what I prefer more and more with longer books:
I use the AI voices in Edge and read the book in LingQ.

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Not sure exactly what the issue is here because
sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t - depending
on the text and the L2.

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This seems to work!! Thank you!

I didn’t know Edge has AI voices (don’t use Edge normally anyway). Usually I use an audiobook but this book doesn’t have one. I’m also usually on the phone because I find Lingq easier to work that way. So I had to go back to the desktop to do this one, but that’s okay.

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Edge has never been my browser of choice.
However, I like it more and more because of

Kudos to Microsoft reg. their AI integration into the MS ecosystem
(Edge, Bing Search, Power Automate, etc.): they have done
a fantastic job here!