From your experience, how many hours of Listening\Reading should take one to start to feel he can listen\read almost anything with the language on the internet

My native language is Portuguese.
i speak english so so.

My English is more or less fluent, I can watch youtube videos about subjects of my interests. But I have troubles watching movies. It took years of everyday practice, but I did not watch movies in English and was not immersed into the English-speaking culture.
The same happened to me in Italian, German and Polish. I have no big troubles communicating with people or reading but I don’t understand movies.

There is an application called Fun Easy Learn that contains more than 6000 words, you can start with this app by reading and listen to words with pictures and learn the most 100 verbs and 100 adjectives by reading and listening to them and this will consume approximately 35 hours of reading and listening to these words at this period of time you should watch grammar videos or read Grammar fast to figure out the language. This period you can call it ‘start from scratch’, then you can continue the 90 hours by reading and listening to ordinary texts.
This video shows that is an initial period called ‘start from scratch’ or whatever you call :-

There is other application of Fun Easy Learn that contains more than 5000 words
By these applications and programmers that are many you can minimize the time required for initial period or start from scratch period.

And if your languages learning process is scheduled-for my case I use check list-, you can learn two languages but with some conditions, you can find it in the video below :-

You can know the meaning of fluent from link blow :-

Yes, we can ! : )

No, sir

Finally, someone putting numbers to it.

However, I don’t agree by any means that fluency is B2.

Fluency → smooth flow → at ease in a language —> advanced skills.

Advanced skills require more than being rather capable

Intermediate skills: B1-B2.

B1 is lower intermediate, B2 is upper intermediate

Neither of these levels indicate fluency.

C1 is advanced

C2 is proficiency

The CERF clearly identifies what is needed and identifies

Fluency as C1:
Can express ideas fluently and spontaneously without much obvious searching for expressions.
Can use language flexibly and effectively for social, academic and professional purposes

Though the polyglot dream, Lucas L. suggests:

"Fluency is the lower of the two skill levels we will discuss here. If a learner is fluent in his or her target language, then she knows between 5,000 and 10,000 words in that language. We will say that this corresponds roughly to the B2 level on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Proficiency is, for our purposes, the higher of the two skill levels. A proficient learner has near-complete mastery of the language, and can be said to know more than 10,000 words in his or her target language. On the CEFR scale, proficient learners can be considered at the C1 level or beyond.2"

Hi Maria!
Days ago you asked me about which language I am currently learning then I had no response from you!

Yes this I meant, so if the learner reached the fluency state, it will stimulate him or her to stick on the track of languages learning, and I am still insisting on my perspective that normal man can reach the fluency in less than 90 hours, it just depends on the attitude, and the coming months will prove my perspective.

But German Grammar can be so easy, thanks to some German teachers who elaborate the Grammar in easy way on YouTube . We should harness the technology to reduce the time consumed in the learning process rather than complicate things.

Perhaps a Swede learning Norwegian with friends that lie to him about how good it is.

I have high standards for fluency. That means about this many words:

30,000 English, Spanish, French
35,000 Chinese
40,000 Russian

(This is my crappy opinion and I’m not trying to be a language curmudgeon dictator snob)

If you frequently have to ask for new words or be corrected (about every minute or so) that is not fluent. It can’t be choppy. Notice how the words flow and fluent are similar.

By the way, there is this guy on LingQ named sam_white, and I am not kidding, he has 120,000 words in Russian!

From your posts you seem fluent.

And you became proficient in how many languages in a 90 hour timespan using these techniques?

I say that someone can just be fluent in less than 90 hours not proficient, fluent means he can communicate with people in the language, and understand the native speakers but of course with mental backtracking.
I became fluent in English in 180 hours, because I did not understand polyglots who most of them unless all of them speak in English and I live in Egypt so there is no people who speak English or other languages as what exists in Canada, Europe, US…etc.
But after I gained the ability to understand English reliably, and I tried to learn German for 3 months and Turkish for 2 months I DISCOVERED not create strategy than mange someone reach the fluency in less than 90 hours. But now I try to reach to proficiency in English to get job because I am still student in the final years of civil engineering so after I guarantee a respected job I am going to break through Turkish, German and of course the lovely French by what you called ‘techniques’.

I want to see you in 1 year. Because if you listen 1 hour at day you’ll achieve “fluency” in 4 languages or better if you listen 5 hours at day, this will be really impressive, 20 languages.

Please, send me a message next year.

Lol, but you forget to talk about writing and speaking, they require time dude. And why I learn languages I do not need now ?! Everything should has its purpose.
And I will be happy to send you messages daily not just the next year.

Your brain can only learn so fast unless you’re extraordinary like Daniel Tammet. You can’t learn a language in 90 hours. Stop insisting you can - you’re talking to a bunch of seasoned language learners who KNOW, not some fools who are green and know nothing.

I have a thick Mancunian accent - i can guarantee if i talk to you in my normal way you wouldn’t understand a word of what i say, but a native of London or Belfast or Los Angeles would.

You’re not fluent in English.

Become fluent in Turkish or German then. Sorry but your words doesn’t make sense.

We all spent a lot of time on learning languages and we all know how difficult to become fluent. I spent years to become fluent in German. (Still I can’t say that I am fluent) The process is not easy as you claim. It was sometimes painful. If you’ve been learning German for 3 months and Turkish for 2 months. Can you understand this video? I spent more than 5 hours to transcript and translate it to turkish. Please do not claim that a language is easy, if you can’t speak it.