From your experience, how many hours of Listening\Reading should take one to start to feel he can listen\read almost anything with the language on the internet

Calm down man ! It doesn’t deserve this anger, send me a record of your THICK accent and I explain what you say rather than plauge your nervous !
We are just discussing to reach the best results not dedicate one view !

Thank you ) :

I agree with you totally sir, and I repeat again by saying not all languages are not the same but what I mean for Latin languages at least and with the help of other programmes and applications someone can reach the fluency fast I will not say 90 hours to not make you sad ( :

‘Calm down man ! It doesn’t deserve this anger,…’ - What ‘anger’? You’re showing a lack of understanding implicit meaning.

‘Plague your nervous’ doesn’t mean anything - it’s gibberish.

‘Not dedicate one view’ is also gibberish.

Such fluency. Please, explain your secret 90 hour ways in more detail so we too can make giant strides towards attaining an equivalent level in our target languages.

Yaser how long have you been studying English?

This guy is finding it an opportunity to practice his writing with you guys, so do not respond to him anymore. He is just stretching things out. Good luck Yaser!

Perhaps you will find this interesting:

It is a new study looking at the experience of learning German when one’s native language is Arabic from teachers who are chosen because they are themselves are native Arabic speakers.

Students have been randomly assigned to one of two groups where native Arabic teachers use different methods when teaching German although they have the same goal. One set of teachers focus primarily on German grammar, syntax and sentence structure, whilst the other set of teachers concentrate on vocabulary, semantics and communication.

The brains of the native Arabic speaking students are scanned as they learn German in order to establish which method works best.

For students learning through grammar, brain processing is investigated as they learn sentence rules; they listen to sample sentences over headphones whilst lying in a scanner and simply press a particular button, depending on whether they think the sentence they heard was right or wrong.

The results are not out yet, but these native Arabic speakers have acquired high levels of German within a year, although they do work very hard! I spoke to one such student and I have to admit, I’m impressed.

That is interessant!

May I ask you how long have you been studying German? How many hours a day? And what is your level in reading and listening now?

Vielen Danke

If you mean "learnt words’, so even 20,000 words are quite enough to be fluent.
But our words in lingQ are mostltly NOT LEARNT WORDS, but only words which we faced in the podcasts and lessons here!
My number of ‘learnt’ words in French is here more than 30,000 - but really I know only 1,000 words!

If you’re talking about LingQs for known words, I’d be very weary. The word counter is quite flawed and is a bad indicator of progress. Example, compare my word counter to my statistics. I think time put (assuming your study habits are efficient) is more important than words known.

I think Steve has about 110k in Russian.

90 hours to become fluent? Where’s the proof?

I’ve put in over 600 hours in Russian and I can barely understand the news. I must be doing something wrong!

Evgueny is right, at least a 1000 if you want to survive and have fun if you’re suddenly dropped in the country. Think about it. If I said all that needs to be said to be fluent in one giant podcast, it would be more than 90 hours by sheer volume alone. There’s just a lot of vocabulary.

If anyone else is looking for numbers, read ‘The Word Brain’. The last time I checked, it’s free. Just Google it.

From reading his response: 0

Any one disagree with me, and still has a rigid opinion or think I try to practice writing - oh my god, do you really believe yourself MatDeris ?!- I have a advice for you, JUST DO NOT CARE and keep going on your track, I really hope good luck for everyone. I did not think that discussing will cause problems, again good luck for everyone.

  • not the same

Well, it all depends on your strategy for adding words. If you use the modern view which automatically adds known words once you turn the page, then probably you will have a lot of words that you don’t really know. But if you turn off that option or use the standard view, you may add words very cautiously, meaning only those that you really feel you have mastered :). In my case, I also often delete already known words once I no longer remember them, so I’m very hard on myself:)
But of course still lingq words are not standard words and they require a higher amount.

I agree here 100%

You should be more concerned by how many hours you plan to spend on learning than ruminating on how many hours other people spend.

Other people cannot learn for you - only you can do that.

Just some friendly advice :slight_smile:

You will never really get a full picture of what others do when learning languages so why waste valuable learning time thinking about it?

Don’t fret!

As Nike says:

Just Do It!

Thank you, you are totally right, people have different views