Free access for Ukrainians

Even if you offered free premium, I paid for 2 months and did not cancel my membership, and now my premium membership has expired, I think it is time to contact you :))

@Jul_K @YukhymYakymchuk @oguzdere1 You are all Premium users now.

Hello, I am Ukrainian, and i’d like to know if it’s too late ask for provide the premium, i have to learn English as soon as possible. Your Platform is the best way to do this. Thank you!

@MaksimTimchenko You are Premium user now.

Hello Zoran, I’m from Ukraine. I need to learn english american.
Can I get premium?, thank you.

Hello Zoran,I’m from Ukraine,Kyiv. I like LingQ’s design concept very much, and I want to get a premium account.Thank you.

Hello, I am Ukranian.
Recently i started study Spanish because me and my mom going to USA. In USA a lot people who speak English and Spanish. I know English well, but not sure when i speak. I just want get access to premium for study better.
Thank you. :yellow_heart::blue_heart:

Hi @zoran,
I’m Ukrainian and want to learn English, could you please check is Premium still available for my Account?


Thank you, i really appreciate it

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Hi @zoran, many thanks

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Hi. Im Ukrainian. Now in Vietnam. Can you help me with premium, please ?

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What about free access for Israelis and/or Palestinians?

Hi, I’m from Ukraine, now I’m in Norway, learning Norwegian, can I get premium?

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hi I’m from Ukraine, can I get premium? for learning French

Hi! I’m Ukrainian and I’m learning Norwegian. Can I get access to Premium please?

Good time of the day! @zoran, can you please provide me with premium access? I am Ukrainian trying to learn German currently. Your help will be so much appreciated!

Hi! I’d like to get premium as well, if it is possible. I’m from Kyiv and I’m learning Polish and Finnish now.

Hi everyone, please from now on for Premium access contact us via email -, not via forum. Thanks!

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Hi, I’m Ukrainian. Is it still possible to get a free premium account? :face_holding_back_tears:

Hi, can I get premium access, I’m from Ukraine, Kyiv and I will be glad to get it