Free access for Ukrainians

Hi, I’m from Ukraine. Can I get access to premium account for learning English? Thanks a lot.

Hi. I am from Kherson, Ukraine. Can i get premium? Thanks

@isaacisaacisaacisaacisaac Free Premium is for Ukrainian refugees, not for everyone, sorry.

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Hi, Zoran. I’m Ukrainian. I would like to learn norsk. Can you please provide the premium to me? Thank you in advance.

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Hello, I am Ukrainian. Could I get a premium to study French?

@Maks.K @Curious_Mind You are Premium users now.

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Many thanks, Zoran, for supporting.

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I have this access but received a message that my subscription is expiring. Can it please be renewed? Thank you!


@sonechko sure, done.

Hi Zoran, I’m Ukrainian, recently moved to Norway, can I get premium to learn norsk? Thank you very much.

Hey! I’m a Ukrainian refugee in Germany! I would very much appreciate it if my account was also upgraded, so I could continue improving my German skills!

Thank you!)

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Hello I am from Ukraine can i get premium?

Hello! Sorry for bothering but I`m in Ukraine and really need to learn another language for opportunities in other countries. Can I have a premium?

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Hello, I am Ukrainian and I was forced to live in other countries. I need to learn a foreign language to maintain my job. Can I get a Premium? Thanks!

@ggking Please reach us at, send us proof that you are Ukrainian and we’ll give you Premium access. Thanks.

Hello Zoran. I’m Ukrainian and would like to learn Norsk and English. Can you please provide the premium access to my account?
Thank you in advance.

Hello, I am from Ukraine and have been compelled to reside in various countries due to circumstances beyond my control. To secure and retain employment, I find myself in need of acquiring proficiency in a foreign language. Could I possibly be considered for a Premium subscription? Thank you!