Formatting bug

When using bold on a sentence, if this sentence ends with a full stop, the next sentence will also be in bold.

Basically the closing of the **, for some reason, goes to the next newline instead of remaining after the full stop (and so the bold also applies, incorrectly, to the next line, since the ** is opened).


How it looks in the reader:

The correct display would be:

ΣΤΡ. Νά το κακό που μ᾽ έχει χαντακώσει·
και στον ύπνο του βλέπει ιπποδρομίες.
ΦΕΙ., πάντα πάνω στον ύπνο του.

Thanks. We will have it fixed.

Friendly reminder, the bug is still there (01/08/22)

@rafarafa Just an update here. I checked with our developers and unfortunately this won’t be changed (fixed) anytime soon. We have limited support of markdown during initial import. Sentence splitting (.) has precedence over text styles. You will need to use UI tools in the editor to adjust it.

Well tough luck I guess…

By the way, do you know where did half of the comments of this thread go? I’ve checked other comments of mine in old threads and I can’t find them either… Are you (or someone else) now moderating/deleting comments?

edit. It’s so weird, it clearly says that there are 5 comments in this thread but I can only see 4…

@rafarafa It’s actually a bug on our end and some comments are invisible. We are working on it. Sorry about the confusion.

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