Flash cards don't work

I tried to open my every day flashcards in different languages, but I have a strange picture of all my vocabulary in these languages and the inscrift ‘No LingQs of review today’. However, I had a lot of letters from Lingq support with with new words for several days. I haven’t got time recently, but today I have… Why I can’t open the flashcards to repeat?

Thanks for the report, Evgueny! We realized there’s a bug here, but we hope to have it fixed soon.

Hm, I liked the way of the ‘old’ LingQ of the day email which offered me the words that I’ve added 1, 4, 7, 11 days ago (and so forth). Some days I had more LingQs to review, other days less depending of the time I had invested before. So I was sure to see the words again in the next future which gave me a good repetition. Now I get to many or to few words for review depending on my settings. To have the option to choose the old and the new way would be great. I guess the new LingQ of the day email will send me LingQs even when I haven’t created any LingQs the day before.

@evgueny - The LingQs of the Day emails are not working. The changes made to the Hints will mean all old emails won’t work. We think we have fixed this issue now so that your next LingQs of the day email will work. Sorry about this.

@Vera - The new review system will not work quite the way the old one did. You will get a full email even if you haven’t created any LingQs the day before, assuming you have a backlog of LingQs to review. Right now the LingQs that are sent are the terms in your review list that are most important. You can limit the number of terms that come using your email settings. If you want to review the LingQs you created most recently, you will have to go to the Vocabulary page and sort by creation date.

I liked the old way too. I would love to have both ways.

Will I get the same ‘most important’ LingQs every day or is there an algorithm behind this.

Only to bring this to attention.

I’m not entirely sure, but I’ll find out and give you an answer a bit later.

I have received the letters with everyday LingQs today, but when I tried to open them I’ve got a blanc field!..
So I can’t the second day learn the new LingQs!.. And that’s why all my work in LingQ has stopped!!!

I like the idea of receiving a list of recent LingQs and that any gaps (up to one’s requested limit) are filled with the most common LingQs yet to be “learned”.

Sorry, the Cloze and Flashcard buttons did not work again on the latest LingQs of the Day emails. We are working on this and hope to have them working for the next email. In the meantime, you can review your words on the Vocabulary page.

I just got the new email. Unfortunately it doesn’t work :frowning:

Yeah, I’m sorry about that. It’s proving trickier to fix than we thought. Between the new flashcard format and the new Hint format there are some issues. We will get it to work soon.

The same with me.The flashcards of the day don’t work, and the Top 25 appears,but without the translation though the translation is chosen in my settings.
So this week review there will be only zeros in the line of learnt words because it was impossible for me learn and repeat new words!!!

@evgueny40 - We’re doing our best to solve this issue, but as Mark said it’s tricker than we thought. If you would like to review your LingQs, I encourage you to go to the Vocabulary page and sort your words by “Creation Date”. This will display the newest words in order of their creation. In addition, you can click the “Due for Review (SRS)” tab to see terms that are due to be reviewed.

You can review your words at any time on the Vocabulary page.

Thanks, Alex. Flashcards are very important for me like morning exercises. However, when I came to the Vocabulary page and sorted it according the Creation Date, I received 25 Flashcards, but without the translation though there is a translation in my settings. It’s of course better than nothing, but I eager to wait for my work with LinggQs of the day with the every day portion of LingQs.

@evgueny - The LingQs of the Day has been fixed. We have resent the last email which you should be getting now. Let us know if you have any problems. The old emails you received won’t work but the new email should.

I got the email but when I click on the Link to review them I get the first 25 of my LingQs in alphabetical order instead of the LingQs that are on my list.

@Vera, maybe it’s an alphabetical setting in your Vocabulary page. I changed this order to a date setting, and it works.
@Mark But I have another problem with Flashcards - they are without the translation though this function is in my setting.

evgueny40, depending on your browser, you may want to clear the cache… I am using Chrome and I did just that…now it works.