[Fixed: Bug] Multiple Translated Sentences in Review Section

Update to Bug — Resolved:

Hi LingQ Support Team,

I noticed this issue while using the app on my Android phone, where multiple translations of a sentence appear in the main field of the review card:

I am only learning Korean, but the source I imported had multiple languages, so I think that’s where the translation sentences come from, but I only need to see Korean, so I think this may be a bug.

Can I provide any other details to help y’all fix this issue?

Note: The audio is in Korean only (thank goodness). It takes much longer to review LingQs when things are cluttered like this.

P.S. I’m unsure of the exact terminology. Still, I am doing my best to describe the situation, so please forgive any incorrect terminology I may be using to explain this issue.

Thank you!

*Note: Edited to fix typo.

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Thanks for reporting the issue. We will have it fixed.

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An added detail is that a Korean woman voices the voice, but it’s reading the sentences (i.e., other translations from other languages that are appearing on the card) like they’re “loan” words (i.e., with a Korean-like intonation).

I initially thought the audio was fine, but I noticed it wasn’t when I worked with it today, and it read out everything in the way I described above.

Seems to be fixed as of last night:

I will keep an eye on it for the next few days and see for sure though.

Thank you, LingQ support team!! :smiley:

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Great, glad to hear it! :slight_smile:

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