Finishing lessons moves to known is a bad feature

There is plenty of reasons to ignore words, some lessons in Japanese have English words in their titles. It’s simply not worth clicking on them just to click ignore as this wastes time and ultimately is just distracting, simply ignoring the word by not clicking on it is easier. Especially in Japanese with the inaccurate word splitting - I refuse to use Ai as the accuracy of it I can’t determine. Additionally, paging moves to known is bad feature too. Paging creates a LingQ would perhaps be better but there are simply things that don’t need to appear in SRS such as sound effects, names, English words. It’s a debilitating feature that only creates hinderence and I’ve seen other people agree.


Welcome to the party, pal! :slight_smile:


I read through that earlier but as it was written in October and seemed to have been a disregarded issue I figured I’d bring it up again with the suggestion of moving them to Ling’s instead of known and then perhaps when something appears in SRS that you don’t need we could just clickon a button that says “Don’t appear in SRS”

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LingQ’ing those words wouldn’t be an improvement either, just a replacement of one undesireable behaviour with another one. I am currently making use of the auto-mark known “feature”, and although it would indeed be preferable to be able to control the behaviour, creating ling’s based on the often wrong suggestions made in the reader would even be worse imho.

Setting them to “ignored” would be fine be me, though.


@Sheepsheep22, a workaround I use for the path month - I never click on the finish lesson button. I don’t know if there are some hidden drawbacks (like non-counted statistics), but for me it works like a charm.