<Feature Request> Merge Time Spent in All Languages into a Single Streak

Please create a new streak type for the total amount of time spent on LingQ across different languages.

This is how Duolingo handles streak. It is much better way to keep kids motivated, when they are learning multiple languages at the same time.

The current design of streak doesn’t match the need of aspiring polyglots.

PS: I found an earlier thread on this request. I hope it can be implemented soon.


This has merits, but the other way does also.

Maybe it would be good to have that as an option.
Personally I like having three separate streaks, easier to keep track of progress in each language separately and stay motivated each day, etc. But others might do separate languages on separate days of the week, or jump from language to language as interest dictates, and would still want to see something for their hard work.


I agree, it’s always better to have things with options.

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In the current design, each language has its streak, meaning there are already multiple streaks.

In the iOS widget, you can only display one of the streaks.

My suggestion is to add a new aggregated streak on top of current per-language streaks. I can then choose to display this aggregated streak in the widget.

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Didn’t know that about iOS widget.
Your suggestion sounds like a helpful one.

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