Is there a way to keep streak while learning multiple languages ​​at the same time? Each streak is different for each language.

Yes, you can have as many active streaks as you want. For each study language you can set your Daily LingQs goal under the settings.

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Zoran, I think they mean have your streak count across multiple languages. Learning multiple languages but only focusing on one per day (or every few days/weeks) means you constantly lose your streak, even though you are putting in the effort every day and meeting you goals. Perhaps there could be an option to have a global LingQ streak versus a per language streak for those learning more than one language who are motivated by the streak goal.


That makes sense. We’ll see if we can make changes there in future. For now it will stay as it is. Learning multiple languages requires more work anyway, but streak lovers can always lower their Daily LingQs goal to 13. Even with more than one language, it’s an easy to reach goal.


Hello Zoran, I was hoping you might be able to help me? My streak in Portuguese up until yesterday was approx 440 days, but today it says 95 days. Is it possible to amend this? Thank you.

My streak of ~700 days has also been “reset” to 87 days.

Same here - streak of 365 in Spanish was just reduced to 119

390 → 132 in German.

Same, my streak in Italian was at 161 and now is at 65.

Hi Zoran
My streak did not increase this morning but stayed the same count 176 when should have increased to 177 on Portuguese … Please can you look into this?
Thank you,
Br, FrankG

Thanks for letting me know, Frank. We are looking into it.

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Sorry everyone, I reported the issue to our team. We will have it fixed and streak restored to correct number.

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Thanks Zoran, that’d be appreciated. I might not have noticed it but as I have been on same streak count as Car2017 for a very long time now, so was surprised today when it didn’t increase to match. Cheers :slight_smile:

Hi Frank, As I can see your streak starts on Dec 25, 2019. If you add 176 days you will get Jun 18, 2020. So everything looks good here.

Hi Zoran / Stasvovk
Not sure on the feedback there from Stasvovk, but noticed I am not in Synch with Car2017 now (he still has to do his streak for today in Portuguese), I have just advanced my streak for today and it incremented, but as mentioned above, I had been on same streak count as Car2017 for almost six months now, so something not quite right with the count. I’m pretty sure my streak count did not increment yesterday, please can you confirm repaired as I expected it to be 178 today? Cheers, Frank :slight_smile:

@FrankG I double checked and Stas is correct. Your streak started on December 25 (7 days in 2019).
In 2020, in period January 1st - June 18th (today), there is 170 days.
170 + 7 = 177, which is your current streak. All seems good.