Failure in amount of streaks?

Although I used yesterday Lingq for more than half an hour, today I received a message that I have lost my 19-days streak yesyerday, and could repair this with 5000 coins. It must be an error! I hope you shall repair my streak (and the system).

Perhaps the cause is that I only listened to some podcasts, without reading the text. To train my listening. That’s part if the method (I’ve learned), it should be strange that only listening doesn’t count at the amount of streaks.

Listening doesn’t count for many points, so to get the bare minimum for your streak you maybe didn’t listen enough?? Most points go to Lingqing and especially marking words known or increasing their level. Followed by, I think, words read.

@linda2023 I fixed your streak.

Thanks a lot! And is it true that only listening doesn’t count in amount of coins and/or minutes?

You do get coins for listening too. Check this help article for all the details: