Extension: Rooster Youtube Tools for LingQ - Enhancements for Youtube Videos


for 1.37

  • Added Text to Speech / Quick options to All new words container
  • Improved Status Bar (Size and style adjusted for different screen sizes, translation added underneath)
  • Bug fix for statusbar after LingQing in All new Words menu
  • Improved the text parsing pushed to lingq lesson. (No more duplicate lines)
  • Now sends current Youtube caption as the fragment when lingqing
  • Fetches and caches tooltip for dataless words on mouseover
  • Style Improvements for video settings menu

wow, wow, wow

Great job again. And one more thought. When I hover over the subtitles to automatically stop the video. When the mouse is out of the subtitles the video starts again (maybe in the settings option to turn on/off)? that’s my last request and then your extension will be 100% :slight_smile:


No problem, I’ll organize that for next update

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for 1.51

  • Added LingQ Course / LingQ lesson dropdown selectors (If you don’t want to make a new lesson everytime)
    *Improved word positioning for words without transliteration (While translit is enabled)

for 1.50

  • Added word splitting / LingQ support for Japanese

for 1.49

  • Bug fix for LingQ all words button in scrolling popup (was Lingqing and marking known was also playing all the Text to Speech at once)
  • Bug fix for LingQing phrases since Chinese integration changes
  • Added debounce mechanism to stop duplicate API calls when lagging

for 1.48

  • Improved Chinese parsing again, now splits words basically perfectly and applies correct transliteration (When attached to LingQ)
  • Created own word splitting solution for when not attached to LingQ (about 90% as good as LingQs)
  • Fixed syntax selection for Chinese (Simplified) - Youtube code is (ZH-Hans)
  • Added ‘Are you sure’ box when clicking Mark all known
  • Added translit persistance settings based on language
  • Fixed setting continuation errors when moving between videos

for 1.47

  • fixed bug preventing videobar opening if video is playing while lesson created
  • fixed ‘&nbsp’;&nbsp’; on end of translation lines in downloaded subtitles
  • removed grammar from words in the popup displays

for 1.46

  • Bug fix for colors changing on status update
  • Improved word splitting for Chinese (Now feeds off LingQ data). Still not 100% but pretty close.

for 1.45

  • Added Text To Speech on click setting, persistant.
  • Bug fix lesson opening with interface language same as study language
  • Bug fix for translation fetching of Chinese variants
  • Bug fix for LingQing with grammar and mouseover words with grammar
  • Added Transliteration for all languages with it
  • Transliteration controls (none or choose preference with persistence)
    Note: Chinese word splitting is not perfect and sometimes doesn’t match exactly to LingQ splitting. (I will look at this in future)

for 1.44

  • Fixed Translations for language variants like zh-tw, zh-hans
  • bug fix for captions not updating if video is paused and fix for displaying captions on video start

for 1.43

  • Fix for LingQ button not appearing for phrases
  • Fix for retrieving LingQ data if card was marked ‘known’ without lingqing
  • Fixed parsing / word seperation of Chinese variants / Arabic subtitles

for 1.42

  • Fix for LingQ button appearing in translation popup if word already LingQed
  • No longer sends listening time if video language doesnt match studied language
  • Fix for Fontsize/Family of captions not updating on reload

for 1.40

  • Fix for stats menu check and display showing when LingQ lesson now attached
  • fix parsing of colored Youtube captions e.g. <c.color90EE90> text here <c.yellow>
  • Added AutoLingQ new words on click toggle, persists between reloads
  • If auto lingq is unchecked a LingQ button will appear in translation popup

for 1.39

  • Added Phrase LingQing (Highlight selection with cursor and click the button in popup)
  • Improved Translation popup display
  • Bug fix for mouseover tooltip remaining after lingqing (from new)
  • Added setting to move caption position, caption position persists between videos
  • Added setting to pause video when mousing over captions, and play again when mouse exits, persists between videos
  • Added ‘Stats’ display, this keeps track of listening time and words read.
  • Added setting to show the Stats display, persists between videos
  • Setting to auto send new words read / listening time every 20 seconds, persists between videos.

Rooster Youtube Tools (FREE) Patch 1.20

Added a large amount of languages to the dropdown
Chrome store Approval


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I might pay for the premium of this. Is it monthly or a one-time thing?


You can buy this extension as a one time payment. You will also receive notifications, extension support and free download of any update.

I think the price right now is pretty fair for what you get. I can only see it going up after I’ve had time to flesh out the GUI, squash remaining bugs and reduce any user-unfriendliness.

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Updates video showing stuff up to 1.79. Currently working on a full promo vid.
Youtube Tools (Premium Video) V1.79
Transcribe & Embed (Premium Video) V1.91

for 1.99

  • Increased spacing between words. (Also applies to Netflix/Disney+)

for 1.98

  • Bug fix for Rooster Button appearing on video after Youtube Update

for 1.97

  • Massive improvements for all kinds of Auto generated sub types
  • Auto generated subtitles no longer overlap, are shorter captions and will follow close to word for word of spoken text (Regardless of the spoken language)
  • This was quite a difficult solution to implement but will make the learning process a lot smoother for a wider array of videos.
  • If you find any issues with Auto generated subtitles please send me the VideoURL
    for 1.96
  • Bug fix for tooltip/status of last word in each caption

for 1.95

  • Now imports the Youtube videoURL into LingQ.
  • Longer lessons are no longer split
  • (For Librarians: Now imports the mp3 and timestamps)

for 1.94

  • Changed LingQ language inputs to dropdowns
  • Mapped all LingQ languages and codes to dropdowns
  • Added a large amount of new languages to subtitles dropdown
  • Remapped language codes for listen time sending. (Should work perfectly if Audio/LingQ language match)
  • Bug fix for multiple Rooster icons if closed menu during lesson create
  • Bug fix for video settings initial view preference. (Now starts in video panel if show menu on Start is unchecked)
  • LingQing a new word now hides the new word GUI and opens the LingQ status GUI in 1 motion

for 1.93

  • Style fix for Video settings menu. (Now stays in place, proper boundaries, doesnt scroll with screen. This gives support for smaller screens)
  • Fix for video settings menu shifting when Toggle settings is pressed
  • Added 2 autoscrolling captions popup. (Captions/Translation) (Rooster-Reader-like…)
    (Use these to read the video text as a block and clicking the line moves the video audio to that line)
    (Preset color themes/font size/padding in this menu too) Adjusting font/padding in one will adjust in the other.
  • Added 2 new keybinds (Next & Previous caption). These binds also move the audio to the start of that caption.

for 1.92

  • Added ‘Load more courses’ button to the course select dropdown
  • Tooltip fix for create lesson button on dropdown removals
  • Added 2 more keybinds (Highlight Known words & Move menus)
  • Added an extra column to keybindings display.
  • Added extra info popup for Transcribing
  • Added a display menu on new video checkbox. (If unchecked will add the rooster icon to the video as before on new video load)
  • Re-fixed bug requiring an initial refresh if coming from Youtube page

for 1.91 (MEGA PATCH 2)

  • Massive performance boost on longer lessons
  • Added ability to import complete lesson data:
  • You can select an existing lesson as before and check the use LingQ Text/Translation box at the bottom of initial menu
  • The lesson must have timestamps otherwise the original Youtube subtitles will take over. (Translation not required)
  • Added ability to transcribe the video and re embed the captions in Youtube!
  • Removed unnecessary permissions from manifest
  • Bug fix for lingqing words encased in bracket types () {}
  • Slightly improved keybindings display

for 1.90

  • Emergency patch to fix caption container size on transition. (Words were spilling out everywhere!)

for 1.89

  • Bug fix for LingQ all words button on end screen and new lesson words menu
  • Style fix for width of initial panel
  • Another bug fix for stuttering between caption changes
  • Fixed nbsp; appearing in spaces without transliteration

for 1.88

  • Bug fix preventing keypresses in text fields if button was keybound
  • Added button to reset keybindings to original
    Added a large amount of keybinds:
  • toggle translation
  • up/down/interact/status1-5/ignore on LingQed floating menu
  • up/down/interact/known/ignore on new words menu

for 1.87

  • Allowed keybindings to be set with modifier keys (ctrl, shift, alt, meta + key)
  • Migrated previous keybinding preferences to the new structure
  • Style fix / Drag fix for Keybindings container
  • Bug fix for caption container position on reload after clicking ‘reset display’
  • Bug fix for reset display if user has turned off being notified natively in the browser. (Just uncheck alert for dangerous buttons)
  • Removed existing lesson id / course id / lesson dropdown from field if swapping selected course
  • Bug fix for top margin of captions if captions buttons not displayed
  • Bug fix for status numbers updating when using keybindings
  • Bug fix for status numbers updating everywhere at the same time
  • Working on a permanent signing, which will allow extension to be permanently installed on Firefox.

for 1.86

  • Fixed a bug from 1.85 causing minor fluctuations in the caption box on caption change
  • Added 2 new keybinds (New → Known) & (New → Ignored)
  • Tried to add forward/back captions. Youtube player controls are very locked on tthe native website. Will keep thinking.

for 1.85

  • Bug fix for the transparency setting of caption container on reload after changing colours
  • Adding 2 new keybinds. Alpha up/down: These control the background transparency of the captions box (both wrap so only need to use 1)
  • Bug fix for caption buttons position on font size change, caption change, native keybind press (J, L, Left arrow, Right arrow), moving around when mouseover
  • Bug fix for updating status/color/gui menu showing of freshly lingqed word, through the transaltion popup
  • Swapped position of known/ignore buttons in new word menus for consistency
  • Bug fix for showing status 4 words in lingqed words popup
  • Bug fix for toggling lesson settings/color settings menu on button click

for 1.84

  • Added scroll support for intitial language settings menu
  • Added version check. (If new version is available it will be displayed in the header)
  • Bug fix for known word count in stats menu
  • Added color picker to caption buttons to change background with persistance

for 1.83

  • Added Rooster Observer into Youtube Tools. (Full functionality of Observer)
  • Get expanded hints, dictionary meanings, update the word hint info, see example phrases of that word and more.
  • Added new/known/lingqed/ignored word counts to stats menu
  • Bug fix for sending stats if count was 0. Now just doesn’t send.

for 1.82

  • Fixed bug preventing listening time from counting
  • Fixed bug preventing stats from updating properly
  • Implemented the shadow check button. (Pause at end of each caption) (starts off with persistance)
  • Fixed bug with known word highlighting on caption change

for 1.81

  • Improved element dragging. Now stays within draggable range (limits top 10% of screen, and remains with edges left/right).
  • If dragging element down it can be moved off the screen until just its drag handle if remaining.
  • If element has been lost off screen from a previous patch it will return within limits
  • Bug fix for Japanese/Chinese languages word splitting after fixing the Auto generated subs
  • Bug fix for translit showing as white instead of gray on initial setting change
  • Added Word highlighting (hide this word) toggle for Known / status 5 words

for 1.80

  • Perfected the auto generated sub parsing. Now follows spoken text word for word on both subtitles
  • Bug fix for video controls panel position after expanding settings
  • Bug fix for text to speech preference on word click. (was fine for phrase highlighting and sound icon clicks)
  • Bug fix for show spaces checkbox visibility

for 1.79

  • Further fixed highlighting phrases, I believe its perfect now

for 1.78

  • Refixed catastrophic error when highlighting phrases

for 1.77

  • Added white space toggle for Japanese & Chinese variants
  • Style improvements for lingq lesson settings modal
  • Bug fix for unchecking keybindings checkbox to close display
  • Bug fix for floating popup positions after caption change (would go off screen when size changed if too many words)
  • Lingqed/new word mouseover GUIs now disapear when caption changes
  • LingQed phrases now appear in the captions as Bold
  • LingQed phrases and their status GUI now appear in the LingQed words floating popup
  • Added a confirmation window on keybindings if you are rebinding to a same bound key (which will unbind the former and use new bind for latter)

for 1.76

  • Improved translations on tooltip for new words
  • Checkbox settings start collapsed and are expanded on button press (reduces clutter on video panel)
  • Fixed auto generated subs line position when importing to LingQ. (Lines no longer duplicate for auto generated but are not formed as complete sentences, just 1 subtitle/line)
  • Massively improved auto generated subtitle parsing. I have implemented a fix that now displays auto generated subs without line segments appearing from previous or next lines. This fix also applies to the translation, but due to the nature of auto generated subs this process is only about 95% accurate when matching the subtitle lines timestamps.
  • This change does not apply to videos with manual subtitles, those remain perfectly synced.
  • Fixed issue with show translation preference

for 1.75

  • Style fix for floating new words container
  • Bug fix for the status container showing in the opposite container if was lingqed from a floating menu/caption container and caption hasn’t changed yet
  • Added filter options to LingQs on end screen
  • Added mark words known button to floating words container → with alert which can be toggled off under (alert for dangerous buttons), persistant setting that starts as true
  • Removed ignore and tick buttons after element lingqed in new words floating popup
  • Bug fix for colors updating everywhere if known/ignore button clicked in new word floating popup
  • Language dropdown and LingQ language settings now auto import from your profile (On first time load/if no changes made, you can change any setting after this and it will persist)
  • Spent a few hours trying to fix Auto generation line parsing. (Part of previous sentence appears on next if subs are [Auto-Generated]). I had some success but it is difficult to get right, have left it out for now.

All proposed features have been implemented. Report any bugs / feature request you have. I will keep up with bug fixes as a priority.


Hi! Thank you very much for your extensions. I am currently testing them out.

For the YouTube extension: Can the reporting of read words to LingQ be switched off? I would like to report my listening / watching time to LingQ but not my words read as I don’t really read all subtitles all the time and this would skew my statistics massively. I didn’t find any option to change the reporting behaviour, could this please be added?

For future updates of the YouTube extension:
Would it be possible to have the option to stop after each subtitle line automatically and replay the video from beginning of the current line? This way I wouldn’t need to manually stop / restart videos and can conveniently replay the current line for better understanding. Just like sentence mode on LingQ but directly on YouTube including the video. That would be a tremendous help for videos above my current language level.

Thank you so much for your effort and keep up the good work. Cheers!


Hey, thanks for trying out the addons.

I’ll improve the stats menu and include your suggestion in an upcoming update

This feature exists already somewhat, Click the shadow box (Which stops the video at end of subtitle) and use the next/previous caption keys. Default settings are Shift+left/right. I’ll improve it further by auto playing the video (currently a different hotkey) currently it will autoplay if you next/previous caption while video is still playing.


edit: coming soon.

Also error if you click the button but audio language doesn’t match


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for 1.101

  • Bug fix for restarting video playback when shadow box is checked. (Applies to replay caption keybind, button and when playing the video)

for 1.100

  • Changed Send Stats to LingQ to Send Listen Time / Words Reads as separate settings
  • Added New Keybind: Replay Caption: - Rewinds to start of current caption and plays video (Shift + Q default)
  • Previous caption Keybind now pauses the video before going backwards
  • Next caption now plays the video in addition
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Rooster Youtube Tools for LingQ → Coming to Mobile App and Phone Browsers soon.


User manual for Video Tools just dropped:

Rooster Video Tools User Manual PDF

Also some updates for the mobile app development: Have managed to attach LingQ profile and subtitles to the video player. There is still a lot to do with this project, likely early 2024 completion.

Youtube Tools Update

for 1.104

  • Allowed Menus to be moved to top of screen, they will now sit ontop of Youtube Elements
  • Added Extra Language Dropdowns. (Add as many extra languages subtitles as you want)
  • Currently extra langs will appear in an autoscrolling box
  • Persistance of position/size of autoscrolling box, added to move menus bind, drag handle, reset position
    (Future plan to Import these subs to LingQ at same time and add more controls to extra subtitles)
  • Added keybinds for caption buttons (Caption buttons do not need to be displayed)
    “TTS Sentence”: { key: “KeyT”, ctrl: false, shift: false, alt: true, meta: false },
    “Copy Sentence”: { key: “KeyC”, ctrl: false, shift: false, alt: true, meta: false },
    “Shadow Toggle”: { key: “KeyS”, ctrl: false, shift: false, alt: true, meta: false },
    “Caption Colour”: { key: “KeyV”, ctrl: false, shift: false, alt: true, meta: false },

Youtube Tools Feature Update
Word Effect customization

Effects Menu added to word color selection


Some pictures from recent updates with Youtube Tools. If you want to try it send me a message for a 3 day trial or see purchase links at top of page.


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For 1.126 → Flow update.

Importing an existing lesson and creating/overlaying a Chinese variant at the same time.

End to End Transcribe → GPT Translation → Video Overlay with LingQ Data
2024-01-04 17_32_48-(3) Mainos_ Tallink Silja Suomi. Esittelyssä m_s Victoria 1 - YouTube — Mozillatranscribe1

Get word data, Text to Speech and LingQ multiple languages at the same time.

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Quick demo video of the new Text to Speech replacing the video sound as the video plays. Audio is preloaded in chunks and patched to LingQs server as the lesson’s Audio.
(Useful for languages where the video audio doesn’t match the subtitle you want to study)

V2 With Timekeeping

Overall pretty happy with the current state of Youtube tools. will expand to other browsers soon before swapping over to Mobile

With 1.139 Generated Audio is essentially a dub, it produces the sound during the designated caption segment while taking into account overall timing and video speed.

Just like the Netflix tools addon, on Youtube tools you can now adjust the speed for spoken and non spoken parts of the video.


Youtube Tools 1.153

Styles of initial menu

Word colors and effects menu updates

Alert for dangerous buttons custom popup

Sample layout


Rooster Youtube Tools Premium is now available on Google Chrome.

It has been ported from the Firefox version and appears to be working correctly.

You must uninstall MasterLingQ addon (If installed on Chrome) and install the Youtube Tools addon which is included in the Master LingQ Zip or stand alone. This will be changed in a future update.



Thanks for the advice on this one @gmeyer I’ll keep improving it too.


→ Custom Shorts menu popup,

  • Quick import to LingQ of any short video
  • Remembers if you have imported this video before
  • Refresh is not required when scrolling between videos
  • Regenerate short video options based on language preference
  • Access to classic video tools menu for expanded import options

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I have been playing with your extension update trying to view some Polish shorts on YT.

I didn’t find an explanation of how the custom functionality for shorts is meant to work.

By changing my YT language to Polish I am able to get YT to serve me shorts in Polish. But is your extension looking for shorts with subs in Polish? I assume you are trying to filter the list of shorts served to find just Polish ones? I see no shorts at all. It might be that there are just no shorts with PL subs or I have not worked out how to get the YT algorithm to find them for me.

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