Extension: Rooster Long-LingQ - Create longer LingQs for phrases


Browser extensions to increase the LingQed word limit


→ LingQ has a word limit cap for LingQed phrases set at 9 words.
→ These LingQs cannot extend past a single line.
→ With this extension you can LingQ up to 18 words/128 characters over multiple lines.


Give your thanks to @asad100101 for this extension idea.




  • Bug fix for opening the menu subsequent times (MasterLingQ)
  • Bug fix for toggling on/off of bold LingQed phrases
  • Style fix for close button overlapping the translation on the popup menu


  • Added a control panel at the top. (Font size/family, toggle bold terms/phrases, Light/dark mode, Copy button, Close Button)
  • Improved the create LingQ box in this menu. It now appears under the cursor without clutter and no longer needs to be closed before LingQing another word/phrase.
  • Bug fix for highlighting of LingQed terms/phrases in the text.

1.10 → Initial Release


→ Create LingQs up to 18 words/128 characters
→ Create LingQs displayed over multiple lines
→ LingQs are added to your vocab section for easy review.


→ Long LingQs do not display in the LingQ reader
→ Its hard to tell if you have already linked this long phrase




Good job. You have already solved the main issue of reviewing complete sentences in Anki. LingQ is way more functional now thanks to your never tiring work.


Yes! I figured it was good enough to release first version because it works in the vocabulary section.
Still a bit to do to make it a premium extension


While I don’t know enough about LingQ, but, as a newbie like me, all these add-ons make me feel like LingQ isn’t powerful enough on its own. I’m also surprised that nobody is afraid that the extensions will no longer work correctly if the LingQ developers make fundamental changes to the system in the future…


Valid criticism. I am not involved with LingQ so don’t take what I say as their word.

I believe their process is streamlined and set up to be slightly less intimidating for new people getting into language learning. Someone who believes they just learnt something might sign up to a premium subscription. If you are a crazy OCD freak like me, you might want something more. But does that mean LingQ should cater to me? Probably not, because there is not enough of me to make it worthwhile.

All the code is open source! If LingQ changes, and something happens to me… You don’t need to start from zero.


This is a valid point and I’m worried about the longevity of the extensions as well before learning how to use them and get used to them.

However, @roosterburton, one thing that I have a problem is that there are too many and too many things written in each page. So, for me, I don’t know for others, it is so overwhelming that I feel completely lost in even starting to understand them. Besides the fact that I use Chrome and they are not all there yet.

One thing is creating, the other is managing in a long period of time.

I suppose you have a project in mind that you have planned in advance and there will be an end on new extensions and then a solidifying on all of them in an unique comprehensible project.

For me, it is overwhelming and I feel lost. I tried to go to your website to see if there was a more logical explanation for a user experience but I have found that it resends here to every extension, where every single page is way oversaturated with information.

As feedback for you, to improve on your work, what I would like to have is just the useful information for a user. Why should I use this extension and what it does and how it works. Period.
Why are there so many extensions? That for a minimalist is a nightmare! :smiley:
Is a different Premium for each different extension? (which will add up costs on LingQ as well) and also will block me to think about starting with one extension and then having to add more and more without knowing about the final cost.

Just think about it.

In any case, I praise your tenacity on improving the LingQ experience, this should be a developer attitude.

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Thank you for the feedback @davideroccato

This is more of an attitude thing than anything else. Are you scared of using some feature because it will be taken away in the future? The first time you used LingQ everything was new, and we are now on LingQ revision 5? I think.

These extensions didn’t exist 2 weeks ago. If i didn’t make them you wouldn’t even have the dilemma of trying out a new feature, just content in the way you used to do things.
I asked myself if I was happy with the rate of progression after spending 6 hours a day painfully importing, looking up words, converting audio etc. I knew I could do it better…

Why worry about that? If you have a need for these addons you can use them today. For free.

I don’t really understand. I am not a marketing man, I thought all the relevant information was listed.
I provided pictures of the extensions, videos of myself using it and screen recordings as well as all the features and a relevant title. If I can be more clear about anything or if some terminology is confusing please let me know.

I Agree. But wouldn’t you prefer the option to just have the lesson importer or lesson editor without needing to install everything in a package?

I have made functional open-source free versions for almost every extension. Plus I haven’t sold anything yet or even have a comprehensive business plan. People who support me get access to premium versions of my work. That is the story right now.

Thanks again. If you need help installing and using a certain extension then send me a private message and I’ll help set you up.


Well, I share with you my probably blocks about it so you can see them and, if you want, think about it in the future. Probably OCD meeting ADHD. :laughing:

Answering to the previous, yes, those extensions didn’t exists 2 weeks ago and now there are many.
Imaging the frustration lived with each change on LingQ that leads to a new bug. Who knows what that would do to those many extensions and your time to fix them all the time when LingQ messes up.

As you say, you asked yourself, that is your workflow.

Because learning a workflow is mental taxing, changing a workflow is mental taxing. If I’m not sure that I can rely on a long period of time on a different workflow that might block me to jump on that boat.
It is free now but not sure on the future.

If I hook myself on a workflow that I like and that disappear or become expensive, I will have to readapt myself to a different workflow again, which is again mental taxing. (not everybody has to see it that way, of course).

I don’t say you have to change anything, I’m just sharing my concerns.

I don’t know what to say, I know you think like a developer, I have had a lot of experience like that in the past.

I can just share with you that for me it is overwhelming and I feel lost. Again, it doesn’t mean that for everybody is like that. But I share with you as a first so that if other people will have the same feeling in the future, you can start to connect the dots and improve your business.

Nope, I have one Language Reactor extension, one LingQ extension, one Reverso extension, one Tweaks for Youtube extension.
One only extension would give me more the feeling that it will keep to exist and improved along the time. That I pay only for one Premium experience and have everything, that it will take only one space on the extension manager and so on.
It might be more complicated to learn though. The point would be to simplify LingQ not to overload it with features BUT I will dedicate time to learn a new software if it will give me more reassurance that will stay for a long time.

[quote=“roosterburton, post:7, topic:73884”]
I have made functional open-source free versions for almost every extension. [/quote]

open-source doesn’t mean someone else will pick it up and will be safe or secure to use it.


I’m glad you have them, I hope you will grandfather them in the future.
Keep up with the good work, I wish you luck with your creative explosion.

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My extensions are built using LingQs API. A lot of these extensions are just alternatives to the current interface, if you are unhappy with some change at least you have an alternative.

This is another marketing thing. I know what the back of my hands looks like… I know what would make a good program… for me…

This is coming. Will be a features on/off toggle on a master extension.

The code is available for download. If someone wanted to DIY they don’t need to rely on me to make free updates. You could download every script right now and sit on it. You could go into the code and change the box to black, make it smaller, remove my name etc.



I used link for well over a year before I discovered the Rooster extensions. They come in handy, because I am already a seasoned Lingq user. If you “don’t know enough about Lingq,” then get to know it well first. Become adept at mining it for good learning material, creating your own lessons and playlists. After that, the extensions make a lot more sense. They aren’t essential, but they do add some great conveniences.

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I’d agree that most of the extensions are for more seasoned users. However, I would also argue that the Video Tools are for ‘day 1’ learners. My problem with LINGQ and most of these language pathways is it’s more or less a stepping stone approach. I’ll just finish this A1 lesson and then I can do A2 WOW! It’s quite disingenuous and a trap for new people. You can start with native content, if you don’t understand… great. Watch it again. don’t need to waste time on a method that leaves many learners with nothing but an exit strategy and surface level knowledge/ ability.