Extension: Rooster Import - Transcribe Online Videos and Import Spotify Songs

The options for LingQ Courses seem to be missing via Firefox with Rooster Transcribe/Import 120:

I clicked on a few options to check.

Also, is there another way to get the Course ID number from LingQ?


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In that picture your video language is ‘en’, not ‘ko’. It will be displaying your English courses on LingQ (Which I assume are none)

CourseID from URL


Yup! That did it!

Good to know to keep it on Ko since I won’t have any en learning to do.

This video had Korean dialogues (conversations) but verbal English grammar explanations, so I got confused.

Thanks!!! :slight_smile:

P. S. Thanks for the course ID info! I hadn’t noticed that before!

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Added SaveTheVideo Video Conversion Method. (Currently just for video Transcribing, I’ll add Text and translation imports through this method in a later patch)
SaveTheVideo can import from basically any video website on the internet (Excluding Youtube) Use this method for odd video importing.
Added Query Video button (To confirm selection before import)


Fixed an issue preventing Youtube lessons from being created.

Made a temporary fix of removing videoUrl and query data to import Youtube videos.

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Is there a list of all the languages codes somewhere?

I’m stuck on what the Japanese code is (ja? jp?).

I know a couple of codes:

  • en → English
  • ko → Korean
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Should be jp


Thank you!! This will definitely help!

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