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Zoran has said many times that there are about 30 different languages being translated at the moment. I assume a large part of those are common languages (Spanish, Chinese, etc.). If I remember correctly he also mentioned in one post that Slovak is about to be added to beta languages in the near future. Are there any other exotic languages being translated. Now of course exotic is an ambiguous term but I am excluding language that are already on Lingq or Scandinavian languages.

I am particularly interested in knowing if Swahili, Afrikaans, Malay are being translated.

I’ll mention a few interesting languages we are getting translations for in Mini Stories project: Malayalam, Tatar, Farsi, Indonesian etc… It doesn’t mean that all this languages will be added to LingQ, but if we get 50+ Mini Stories for them translated and recorded in appropriate quality (with some additional Beginner material), we’ll be glad to add them.

Unfortunately no Swahili, Afrikaans or Malay at this moment.

Slovak will be added to Beta soon. 50 Mini stories for it are ready and the volunteer who helped us translating and recording them will upload more material once when the language is up.


Sir, please rest assured Malay is going to be translated very soon.


But Zoran, when will be ready Mini-stories in French - it is not exotic language, however, I can’t find these Mini Stories in French!

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I have been trying to coordinate Bulgarian speakers - I am currently editing a recording of stories 11-20 by one friend (which suggests that someone else has already done 1-10), and a second friend has asked for another set of stories to translate, though I don’t know if Zoran has had time to get back to her yet. I don’t know if Bulgarian is exotic enough for you :slight_smile:

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Yeah, Bulgarian is definitely a exotic language to me. That is great news, if I am not mistaken are a few lingers who have expressed disappointment about there not being Bulgarian (as of yet, at least). I don’t know if I will study Bulgarian myself but I have been playing around with the idea of retracing the oriental express train route. Or at least one part of it, If remember correctly there were three common route one of witch went through Sofia. Well, time will tell.

Hi Swedishfinngermanophile,

I can perhaps do some of the Afrikaans translations if needed. I also might know a few people for Swahili. :slight_smile:


Zoran, what’s the status on Danish? Is it looking like it will be one of the languages added to the site?

And I repeat my question: Where is the French vershion of this course???
We are speaking about some small languages, but French is a one of the most imprtant languages!
No Mini-stories in French - it’s a nonsense!!!


Yes, your friends are working on stories 11-20 and 21-30. :slight_smile: another volunteer should be working on stories 1-10, so hopefully first 30 Bulgarian stories will be ready soon.

We do have first 10 mini stories in Danish complete. As soon as Danish is added into list of Beta languages, I’ll upload them.

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Problem with French was that we didn’t had first 5 mini stories completed (actually we did, but the audio quality wasn’t good enough), while we do have stories 6-15 and 31-35 completed with great audio quality. Volunteers are currently working on stories 1-5 16-25 etc…
Today we decided to start uploading courses in all languages, since stories aren’t related and it will be fine even if we upload stories 6-20 at first and add stories 1-5 later.
That means that French will be uploaded today. Same goes for Dutch and a few more languages.


Thanks, Zoran!

Cool. Is the 1-10 person doing the voice recordings as well as the text translations? If not, I can probably arrange someone to do the audio.

Not sure. I asked him now to confirm if he is still working on stories 1-10 and if he’ll do audio too. If not, I’ll ask your friends if they are able to translate stories 1-10 too.

Here’s French: Login - LingQ
10 stories for now, more coming soon.

Thanks a lot, Zoran!

Hello! Bulgarian native over here. Do you need more help? I have a few friends who’d like to learn Bulgarian who are frustrated at the lack of online courses and I’d be happy to contribute if you guys are working on setting one up on here.


Please send an email to Zoran. He organizes the process.
zoran (at) lingq.com

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It would be great if Bulgarian appeared on LingQ. The other day I ordered Teach Yourself Complete Bulgarian. It seems only Slavic languages get along with me. Also, it seems very similar to Serbian.