Exchanging messages with native speakers

Unfortunately I don’t have the chance to talk to native speakers and that would be a very helpful thing in improving my English, so I’d like to exchange messages with anyone whose native language is English.

hello, I am very happy to talk with the native speaker and would be a helpful things in improving English.

No.This is called misunderstanding. I’m not a native speaker. I’m from Ukraine actually and I want to talk to a person whose native language is English:)

Hey, I am brazilian, but my English is not so bad…
What do you guys think about add me in Skype to practice and also If a native English speaker want to add me I would be greatful for the help and also teaching me English I could teach portuguese for whoever want it.


Skype login:

I AM a native speaker of English and would be happy to help if I can.
I’m learning Portuguese and am not so bad in that either (or so I’ve been told… perhaps it’s only a kindness).

Good!Thanks for your offers to help.Let’s try then:) What I need is real language that native speakers talk - not the one I learnt from books and textbooks. Probably we’ll exchange messages from time to time (by the way I’ve got my icq number,have you got one?) or you’d like to give me some advice in practising conversational English…Thanks in advance:)

JustMe, that’s alright if you want to add me on MSN messenger or skype take my addresses.

Skype login:

MSN Messenger login:

I could help you with portuguese for sure.

Ira, I don’t have ICQ ID, but if you want, we could talk by e-mail if you don’t have MSN or Skype, no problem. I will be very happy to talk with foreigners or another brazilians that want to talk in English.

I don’t have an ICQ number, either.

JustMe, what do you say to talking by email? Mine is ikarpyuk@mail.ru. Waiting for your message:)

Ira, I am also a native English speaker who is learning Russian. If you would like to talk I will email you my ICQ# or something!

Hello,Dexter! Let me know your ICQ number and … let’s make friends:)

I am a native english speaker. I have skype (apollocat) and am willing to talk, just make sure you put some sort of introduction in the invite to chat, I get too much spam skype invites, and might think you were one of them.

Hi Ira…
I sent you an e-mail about 5 days ago, but I haven’t received your reply. Maybe it went into your spam?

I am a native French speaker who is learning English So I would like to exchange with a native English speaker to improve my English

I would like to deal with native speakers too!:slight_smile: I’m Russian, I have a degree in languages (french and a method of taching Russian). I’m ready to help you if you are learning Russian and I will happy if you help me to improve my English! Please, contact me in Skype smelyanets2, or e-mail elenasmelyanets@gmail.com. Thank you in advance!

Hi everyone, My name is Javier and I’m from Spain, Zaragoza. As everybody in this page, I’m will to exchange my Spanish for English or even for Italian.
my skype is javier.busse if you’re interesting. The problem will be the time when we are connecting, I remind you it’s not the same hour in Europe than America, for instance.

It is great to have all of you keen to exchange languages using Skype. Please make contact and enjoy.

If anyone of you wants to be a tutor on LingQ please let us know. We could also set that up as well.

Well, I might be interested… depending on what it entails.

We enough tutors for English right now but are looking for a Spanish tutor for example.

Hi!how r u?i’ll try speaking english but i m so confuse i m right or wrong…
i have little bit confidence…i dont know you understand my english or not…will you please help me…